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10 reasons you should travel by bicycle

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

10 lý do bạn nên đi du lịch bằng xe đạp trợ lực

Instead of taking a car, taxi, motorbike, train… why don't you try your own travel experience - explore by power-assisted bicycle. Surely, your trip will be more interesting and memorable for the following reasons.

  1. You get to leave the crowded trails and head for more adventurous trails:

Power-assisted bicycles will allow you to easily explore many attractive stops of a new land such as forests, villages, rivers, streams, ponds and lakes that no other means of transport can bring. Okay.

  1. You meet many interesting people on the way:

With a power-assisted bicycle, you can enjoy your journey very honestly.

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  1. You will have ultimate freedom:

You can go to any place you like at any time without fear of trip cancellation because there is no bus, train or plane ticket to move.

  1. You find freshness:

You will also feel the cool and fresh air when around people using eco-friendly cars like you.

  1. You can improve your health:

Cycling is a form of physical activity, so it has the effect of losing weight, stabilizing blood pressure, enhancing blood circulation, improving physique and many other health benefits.

  1. Since power-assisted bicycles are as inexpensive as motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles, you can totally afford:

Of course, you will not have to spend a lot of money to buy car tickets or tolls, exploring new lands by bicycle will help you save a considerable amount of money.

  1. Environmental friendliness:

Choosing a power-assisted bicycle can help us "make friends" with nature, enjoy the fresh air, dispel all sorrows and stress in daily life.

  1. Easily start your trip wherever you are:

You will be more proactive in all your trips.

  1. Plenty of time to think:

On the way you have more time to decide when you get there you will eat, do and where...or go to a famous spot.

  1. And you are always learning:

In addition, you will easily receive friendly greetings from local people, or contact them through communication, asking for directions, enjoying food at street vendors, or shopping.. .

ADO E-bike hopes that the above useful information will help you have great trips!