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Benefits of riding a bicycle to school

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

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Why should you ride your bike to school every day?

Why a power-assisted bicycle and not a motorbike or any other vehicle?

According to the Road Traffic Law 2008:

- When a teen under 16 years old rides a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cm3, a warning will be imposed.

- In case a teen who is 16 years old but under 18 years old rides a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 50 cm3 or more, he will be fined from 400,000 to 600,000 VND, and the vehicle owner will also be fined and issued a fine. sent to schools for some localities.

Therefore, power-assisted bicycles are the means to help teenagers avoid traffic violations. Moreover, cycling also brings countless benefits such as: increased memory, healthy body, weight loss, increased height, ... more especially, you also contribute to environmental protection and I have fond memories of my childhood. Explore the benefits of cycling to school with ADO E-bike in the article below!

  1. Ride a powered bicycle to school to have beautiful school memories:

"Bicycle, it's already far away.

Poetic love, as airy as a dream.

My bike, these hard days.

For my heart, remember and love forever."

In everyone's life, the most memorable time is when we go to school. Those are the times when you and your friends ride bicycles to school together or when you leave school with your friend sitting in the back on a dear bike and share funny stories in class, even if the way home is far away. also become very close. Thanks to bicycles, we have explored every corner of the city or hidden our parents and friends on a small bicycle trip to the peaceful countryside.

Oh! How many memories of the time when mischievous students were attached to bicycles are difficult to forget.

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  1. Riding a powered bicycle to school will help teens increase their memory and practice independence:

According to research by many health experts, the process of exercising, including cycling, will increase blood flow to the brain by 28% and blood still increase by 40% right after cycling, helping A well-functioning brain increases the ability to remember, when going to class, teenagers easily remember the teacher's lectures and achieve high academic results. After stressful and tiring school hours, cycling after school will help teenagers relax their minds. In particular, we are more independent and can control our own time, no longer bothering our parents to wait for the shuttle.

  1. Riding a power-assisted bicycle to school not only promotes health but also protects the environment

Every day, teenagers spend a lot of time studying in class, then it's time to watch TV, play games, phone, ... rarely exercise, so it's easy to get diseases like Myopia, mental stress, body is always sluggish and susceptible to infection when the weather is erratic and rainy,... Therefore, teenagers should practice sports by pedaling to school to have a healthy body. healthy.

In addition, the fact that teenagers ride a powered bicycle to school is contributing to protecting the environment, as we all know power-assisted bicycles are one of the friendly means of transport that do not emit smoke when traveling. moving, but also save parents' fuel costs.

  1. Help teen lose weight and increase height effectively by riding a power bike

According to Harvard Health Publications, teens can burn up to 400 calories in just 60 minutes of cycling. Therefore, every day cycling to school is a method of keeping the body in balance.

If any teen has not the desired height, don't be sad!

According to the research of Professor John. M.Komlos at Duke University (USA) daily cycling habits combined with correct cycling posture will help teens improve their height and can increase 2 cm in a short time.

  1. Cycling helps teen have a healthier respiratory system

One thing is for sure, when cycling, our leaves will have to be active at high intensity, cycling needs a lot of oxygen, cycling regularly helps the body receive more oxygen and helps teenagers have a lung. healthy. According to expert Jim Horne from Loughborough University cycling helps you have a deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Cycling brings us many benefits, right?

For a resilient health, a balanced body and good academic performance, immediately own a beautiful and durable power-assisted bicycle that can be used for a long time!

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