What is the maximum speed of an electric power assisted bicycle?

The maximum speed of ADO ebike is 25km/h.

What is the weight of an ebike?

The weight of ADO ebike is in the range of 16-32kg; Weight varies by vehicle model.

Where to check the serial number of the ebike?

The bike's serial number is visible on the frame (above the front fork you can see a series of numbers and letters).

What is the maximum load capacity of the ADO ebike?

Recommended load ≤120kg; Exceeding this level can cause safety problems for drivers and cyclists.

Does the electric bicycle have a built-in battery, do I have to buy the battery separately?

The bike comes with 1 battery.

How is the waterproof function of ADO ebike?

All ADO ebikes are carefully designed to be able to ride in the rain, the bike is IPX5 waterproof, but that doesn't mean the bike can be submerged. . For the safety and prolongation of the vehicle's life, please do not leave the car in the rain for a long time, do not use the sprayer or high pressure washer for the car.

Can I buy another brand battery to attach to my ebike?

To ensure safety when electric bikes, we recommend using genuine ADO replacement batteries; If there are any problems during the use of ADO electric bike due to arbitrarily repairing or replacing accessories, we are not responsible for the repair.

How to install the rear rack and fender?

You can refer to the video below to install the rear bracket
Refer to the video below to install the fenders

If the bike parts are damaged, where can I buy replacement parts?

If you want to buy accessories, you can contact our official staff
Email: jennifer@adoebike.com
Mobile: (+84) 975889314

What is the rear rack load?

Rear rack load <50kg

How to install the throttle?

You can refer to this video for installation:

Can I use pure electric mode?

If you have installed a scooter (bike models sold in Vietnam all have a scooter installed), you can refer to the video below to switch the electric assist bike mode to hybrid mode, and then you can Can use scooter:

How far can a fully charged battery go?

Normally in pedal assist mode, battery range 7.5AH <70km, battery range 10.4AH <70km, battery range 12.5AH<100km (this figure varies depending on electric power assist bike model, condition traffic and weather conditions)

How to store bicycle batteries?

Avoid draining the battery when storing: When the battery is not working, it is recommended to replenish the battery once a month to better maintain the life of the battery.
Periodic inspection: Please contact customer service or go to a specialist shop for inspection and repair when detecting abnormalities during use.
Do not discharge with high current: when starting, carrying people or going uphill, the power pedal should be used, and the accelerator screw with instantaneous high current should be avoided.
Mastering the charging time: The battery is best charged when the battery is drained 60-70% (reduced to 2 battery bars), can be converted into the actual number of meters traveled and charged as needed according to the actual situation to avoid damaging the battery.
Avoid exposure to high temperature: charging in winter should be charged indoors.