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Lose weight fast by cycling properly

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Giảm cân nhanh nhờ đạp xe đúng cách

Like many other sports, when riding a power bike for the purpose of weight loss, you must also slowly, gradually, evenly. Do not be hasty, in a hurry to lose weight, but not warm up properly, cycle for too many hours. You will affect your health and quickly get bored of this sport.

You will burn 75 – 670 calories in 30 minutes if cycling regularly and comfortably. Ideally, you should gradually increase the cycling rhythm so that your body is bathed in sweat. High-intensity exercise helps the skin to release sweat, increasing the amount of beneficial endorphins in the body. The sweat that is released from the skin will remove the toxins that are still hidden in the cells, helping you feel refreshed, excited and more active for the new day.

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Try varying your cycling route as much as possible as this will help keep your workouts fun and enjoyable, preventing boredom and lack of motivation – a major obstacle when it comes to weight loss. weigh.


+ Morning: cycling 30 minutes before eating, bananas, milk without sugar.

+ Lunch : 2 cups of rice, soup, a little meat or fish.

+ Afternoon : 1 cup of rice, soup, 1 banana

+ Evening : ride a bike for 30 minutes, then eat 1 banana

When implementing the method of weight loss by cycling, you must make sure that you have a reasonable diet. It's not about dieting or fasting, it's about getting the right nutrients.

Try to eat a hearty and nutritious breakfast within 40 minutes of waking up. Full protein lunch and dinner. Cycle for 30 minutes every morning and evening.