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The trend of sports powered bicycles is being loved by young people

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Xu hướng xe đạp trợ lực thể thao đang được người trẻ ưa thích

Currently, the trend of using sports powered bicycles to go to work, travel, and picnic on weekends is being loved by many young people because of its dynamism and health benefits.

Sports power bicycles are specially designed to burn calories effectively, along with the coordinated interaction from many body parts to help the muscle groups in the thighs, buttocks, hips, legs are strengthened. flexibility, burn blood fat and bring refreshment.

In the latest sports bike collection at ADO E-bike, two new convenient bicycles have been released, ADO A20 Air and ADO A20 Lite.

ADO A20 Lite sports power-assisted bicycle

The strong highlight of the ADO A20 Lite sports bike is its youthful design, modern and fresh design, firmness and good power transmission during use.

Power bike ADO A20 Lite

With high-quality rubber material, it always provides smooth comfort for long-term use. The ratio of the saddle can be changed flexibly to suit the height of each individual user. Convenient for the whole family to cycle together.

Cycling not only helps strengthen the muscle groups, they also help your body react more quickly, better focus. Besides enhancing good relationships with the environment and people around. Effective stress relief.

The chain and cassette system is considered the soul of every sports bike. The standard 26" width tire with rubber material, good friction and good adhesion to the road always ensures safety for users.

The car is designed with a solid, steel alloy fork, shock absorber capable of absorbing impulses or impact forces to maintain the stability of the vehicle.

Sports power bike ADO A20 Air

The ADO A20 Air sports power bike series is designed for activities in urban residential areas.

The ADO A20 Air sports power-assisted bike scores absolute points for its smooth, quiet operation and outstanding speed.

Power bike ADO A20 Air

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  • Cycling regularly every day is a golden exercise that helps you live a joyful and refreshing life, regular body activity helps to avoid aging, reduce cardiovascular diseases, blood fats, clogged arteries, especially especially osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

    The Japanese chain drive and speed shifter best serve all the needs of professional sports car players.

    Please contact ADO E-bike for advice on the right bike for you!