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What is a power bike? Is it good? Who is it suitable for?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Xe đạp trợ lực là gì? Có tốt không? Phù hợp đối tượng nào?

The era of technology development goes hand in hand with the increasing needs of people's lives. If you follow the news on your phone or computer, you may have heard of the invention of the electric bicycle. Today's article will give you all the relevant information about this vehicle. Let's explore with ADO E-bike.

1. What is an electric bicycle?

Electric power-assisted bicycle or electric-assisted bicycle is a bicycle that has been supported with a Kit - an electric motor to increase travel speed, reduce inertia and weight.

If the traditional bicycle works based on the pedaling power of the runner acting on the movement, the electric power-assisted bicycle is also equipped with an electric motor to make the pedaling movement softer and still maintain. Optimum vehicle speed.

2. Operation mode of electric power assist bicycle

Normally, this electric power-assisted bicycle model still operates based on the pedal power of the runner. So it's very good in helping you to exercise.

However, a special feature of this model is that it has an additional electric power assist mode when it is designed with an electric motor kit that makes each cycle lighter, the pedal speed is reduced but still maintains the speed. vehicle movement.

In addition, if you are tired after the previous cycle or do not want to use any more force, you can completely return to the maximum electric power assist mode to use as a normal electric bike.

3. Preeminent features of electric power-assisted bicycles

- Intelligent speed control mechanism

Because it is designed to combine with the user's pedaling power, you do not have to worry about the car running out of power in the middle of the road . You can easily feel the speed of the vehicle, thereby controlling your pedal speed. This helps the runner feel safe and secure when using the vehicle.

- Compact battery design

The battery of the electric motor booster is neatly designed and mounted on the chassis or behind the saddle to create an overall refined appearance, without creating a rough or heavy feeling.

After each journey, if the battery signal is low, this model has been improved with a fast charging feature that only takes about 2 hours to fully charge instead of 6-8 hours like conventional electric bicycle models.

- Cost savings

Through the use of electric power-assisted bicycles, you will save a lot of costs during use such as fuel, battery replacement, oil change,... Besides, you can also reduce drug bills, Functional food thanks to cycling activities to improve health, support you to have a toned body.

- Environmental friendliness

As you know cycling is always encouraged by the community and launched many campaigns because it does not emit harmful emissions such as CO2, smoke, .... Especially in the pollution situation. Increasingly high causes the earth to warm up, the greenhouse effect, ...

The use of this smokeless vehicle will contribute to raising the awareness of environmental protection and preserving the health of the earth.

4. Should I buy a power-assisted electric bike? Who is it suitable for?

Should I buy an electric bicycle?



- The chassis is sturdy and solid thanks to the rigorous production process. Build quality and durability for electric power assist bicycles.

- High level of safety because the booster depends on the force of the person acting on the pedal. Thanks to that, the runner can control his pedaling and speed.

- Compact and simple design suitable for the body of Vietnamese people. Provides a smooth experience both in assist mode or not.

- The vehicle has limitations when moving in places with water environments because it has an electric booster mounted in the chassis.

- The price is still quite high compared to those who often use bicycles.

- Objects suitable for electric power assisted bicycles

Because it is equipped with an electric motor that helps to make the movement lighter, this model is especially recommended for the elderly or children , who have weak endurance .

If you are at a young age, you can choose power-assisted electric bicycles with a dusty, sporty and foldable design to easily move to many different terrains. However, if you have high endurance, you should still use a traditional bicycle to exercise the best health.

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