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What is a Hybrid Bike? Advantages and disadvantages and instructions on how to choose to buy

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Xe đạp Hybrid là gì? Ưu nhược điểm và hướng dẫn cách chọn mua

Today, more and more modern inventions are born to meet the high needs of people. If you follow technology news on your phone or computer, you've probably heard the term Hybrid. This article will help you discover what its application to a Hybrid bike is, its advantages and disadvantages as well as how to choose the best Hybrid bike.

1. What is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bicycles are a hybrid of three traditional bicycles, which are terrain bicycles (MTB), sports racing cars (Road) and road cars (Touring). Therefore, Hybrid bicycles are versatile and can operate on many different terrains.

Usually, companies divide Hybrid bikes into 3 popular lines . Each line will be a combination of 2 to 3 elements of the above vehicles. So there will be many outstanding advantages for you to consider choosing a Hybrid bike .

2. Hybrid bike structure and function

- Hybrid bicycle wheel

Most of the Hybrid bikes have 700C tire specifications with a hybrid design between MTB and Road tires. For example, there is a groove in the wheel cover, but not a large groove like a Road vehicle and shallow like an MTB, but many small grooves running along. The wheel is always inflated with a larger volume of air.

Besides, the number of spokes of the car is average compared to the MTB car, the rods are also thinner but still ensure the bearing capacity of the car.

- Hybrid bike gear set

Because of the nature of being able to move on many different terrains, Hybrid bikes are considered to have the most gears in the series. Equipped with a front fork system of 2-3 pieces and a rear cassette of up to 16-27 sets, so users can flexibly customize the car to operate stably on all roads.

- Suspension system of Hybrid bike

Hybrid bicycles are used to travel on long roads as well as many terrain conditions, besides possessing outstanding parts from MTB and Road vehicles, it can be seen that the shock absorber is very focused. Equipped with a shock absorber right under the saddle , the runner can safely move without feeling uncomfortable or losing balance.

Product reference:

- Fork

Hybrid bikes also have a strong point of using a slightly springy fork system that has good properties to receive the forces acting on the wheel. It has a relative size, so it helps the vehicle to move optimally on all roads, even when the vehicle is carrying a lot of bulky goods, the runner can still control the vehicle in balance and stability.

- Brakes

When driving the car through different roads, the most important factor to ensure the safety of the driver is the disc brake system . Some types of brakes commonly equipped on Hybrid cars are brake pads, disc brakes, linear brakes, ... with high durability, helping users to easily control the steering wheel right on slippery roads. wet.

- Some other parts

In addition to the above-mentioned parts, the Hybrid car also has a number of other structural components such as gears , saddle , water tank frame , ... to help bring users the most satisfying experience on all roads. .

3. Classification of Hybrid bicycles

- Hybrid between Terrain bike (MTB) with Racing bike (Road)

True to nature, this hybrid bike possesses a slender appearance like a racing bike with wheels with a rim size of 700C . Besides, the car also owns an effective shock absorber of the off-road vehicle and the front fork is designed depending on the vehicle segment to accompany you stably on all roads.

- Hybrid between Racing bike (Road) with Road bike (Touring)

For those who like to go on a road trip, the combination of this car is perfect. The chassis is designed according to the Road model with the hybrid fender handlebar from the Touring car, which will bring the advantage of being lighter than the dedicated Touring car.

The speed will be more optimized, there is an extra bicycle bag for carrying things, in addition, this Hybrid model also has a bicycle fender to help limit splashing dirty water on the vehicle and runners on muddy, wet roads. .

- Hybrid Terrain (MTB) Racing (Road) and Touring (Touring)

This model can be considered the most representative of the combination spectacular of all 3 models with all the best features and features. The chassis possesses a lightweight design from the Road series but is still very sturdy, sturdy enough to withstand the impact of forces during travel.

Besides, the speed of the car will be optimized like a racing car thanks to the use of road 700C rims along with 700x32C type rims. or 700x38C with a sufficiently large diameter. Thanks to the above factors, even if moving quickly, the wheel still ensures the same grip with the road surface as MTB tires.

4. Hybrid bike and outstanding features - Compare pros and cons

- Outstanding features

Because of the convergence of the best features from different specialized bicycle lines, Hybrid bikes have many outstanding advantages such as:

+ Can operate well on many terrains, road surface conditions from asphalt to rough gravel with stable speed.

+ Suitable for many users thanks to the sturdy and fully equipped chassis design as well as the smart saddle that creates a smooth feeling for the runner when controlling the vehicle.

+ The system of shock absorbers is one of the extremely outstanding features of Hybrid cars because of its optimal performance. Conquering every distance, whether bumpy or carrying a lot of stuff, will also reduce shock.

+ Tires have a moderate width and a sufficient number of spikes to create grip with the road surface, minimizing slippage. Besides, the spokes of the wheels are also arranged relatively to help the car withstand good gravity as well as achieve optimal speed.

- Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid bicycles



- Multi-function, can meet many conditions and needs of use.

Stable operation on many different types of terrain.

- Vehicle design converges from the highlights of specialized vehicles to create a sense of safety and certainty.

- Runners can control their speed well as well as firmly control the bicycle handlebars.

- The price is still high compared to the Vietnamese consumer market.

- Not popular for those who need to use it for daily movement.

5. Which brand's Hybrid bike should I buy?

Hybrid bicycle is a line of special technology applications, so not all companies produce this type of bicycle. On the market today, there are Hybrid bicycles from the highest rated Trek , Specialized , or Jamis brands, with the highest quality and application of the most modern technologies.

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