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Folding power-assisted bicycle - New trend of convenience

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Xe đạp trợ lực gấp gọn - Xu hướng mới của sự tiện dụng

Undeniably, the folding power bike is a unique creation, and a smart solution to the city's eco-friendly line of vehicles. Let's go with ADO E-Bike to find the answer to the advantages of why folding power-assisted bicycles are user-friendly as well as city-friendly!

  1. Advantages of being compact

You may not know, the folding bicycle line was born in 1890 and was used for moving in the military. Folding bikes in general always have all the features like regular bicycles.

ADO A20 Air folding power-assisted bicycle

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  • However, the folding power-assisted bicycle has a special structure such as being easy to fold to save storage space, along with the optimal weight, completely helping the user to carry it up. Get off other public transports such as buses, or in the trunk of a car to travel...

    When folded, you can save space when you don't have to put them on the floor but can hang them on the wall, in a small corner… extremely convenient.

    1. Light-weight

    Most folding bike models are lightweight.

    You can completely fold and carry them up and down the stairs, on the bus, or in the trunk of a car. In addition, when traveling, you can still check in luggage which is extremely convenient.

    1. Optimal means of transportation

    It can be said that, once you are familiar with folding bicycles, you will not be able to deny their convenience. Folding bicycles are an urban-friendly vehicle that helps you save on daily travel costs as well as contribute to environmental protection.

    Specifically, you can use folding bicycles as a daily means of transportation in combination with other public transport, even if your place of residence and work is far from the bus station. This is a vehicle that is allowed to be carried when traveling on public transport.

    Even when traveling, you can still bring your folding bike with you very conveniently. With its compact design, you also save on expensive parking costs in the city. Just fold them up, you can completely put them right next to your desk, coffee table…

    1. Modern design

    Folding bike with a high profile design, allowing you to move smoothly and with optimal efficiency not only on flat roads but also for steep, hilly and low obstacle terrain

    Folding bicycle wheels are available in sizes from 26 and 28 inches, making it easy to maneuver even small nooks, tight spaces…

    With a simple but equally handy design, folding bikes at Fornix always bring you youthfulness and dynamism suitable for all users. Various designs, rich, beautiful colors...

    Please contact ADO E-bike immediately for advice and choose for yourself a convenient folding bike.

    The ADO E-Bike is a solid companion in urban living. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.