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Why should parents let children ride bicycles to school?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Vì sao cha mẹ nên để trẻ đạp xe đi học

Regular use of bicycles to school not only helps students to be more autonomous in their time, but cycling is also considered a sport to improve concentration, and increase IQ as well as enhance strength. effective health. Let ADO E-bike help you understand more about the indispensable benefits of cycling to school!

  1. Power-assisted bicycles - User-friendly means of transportation

Compact, easy to move, save on use costs (gasoline, repair fees, parking), power-assisted bicycles have always shown their friendliness to consumers, especially for students.

Power-assisted bicycles are always appreciated for being suitable for students because you do not need a driver's license to use the bike, as well as high safety while traveling, not only that, the bike is also quite friendly with environment and health.

Product reference:

With a variety of designs and models, power-assisted bicycles now give you many choices depending on your needs and designs with different prices, such as: mountain bikes, bicycles sports, street bike.

  1. Unforgettable benefits of cycling

One of the practical benefits of cycling is to help students be more active in their school schedules, attend extra classes, etc., without having to depend on the shuttle (father, mother). This will reduce fatigue in the wait, instead you will save a lot of unnecessary time.

Cycling helps you improve brain activity, more specifically, memory. According to a study by the British Heart Foundation (London), regular cycling improves memory by up to 13% compared to inactive people.

Cycling helps to produce a large amount of neurons and the thalamus (the area responsible for memory in humans) thereby helping your learning to be remembered longer. In addition, after a stressful study period, cycling is also a method to help you release stress and breathe air to the brain effectively. Reduce symptoms of stress and headaches.

Cycling to school helps you save time as well as take advantage of daily practice. According to studies, during cycling you will improve your health, train your body as well as strengthen your immune system - this is extremely important for seniors, when facing high school students. with important exams.

Combining daily cycling with a scientific diet will help students improve their health as well as avoid cases of stress and anxiety when going through important exams.

According to research, exercising at a young age in adolescence will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 60%. So, though cycling to school is more strenuous than riding an electric bike or a motorbike,... but riding a bicycle will be much better for your body than other means of transport.

  1. Reference car model for students

- Off-road powered bicycles:

ADO A20 Air power-assisted bicycles : Small ribs that are suitable for teenagers to climb up and down easily, standard 24-inch wheels, 2-layer aluminum rims combined with thick tires to reduce the rate of tire breakage due to sharp objects. The tire surface has many deep grooves and spikes to grip the road well to help cyclists run well on uneven roads, without worrying about slipping when it rains. Anti-shock and high-strength forks, help the steering wheel firmly when going through potholes or rough gravel roads.

Power bike ADO A20 Air

- Sports power bike:

ADO D30C power-assisted bicycle: The bike is equipped with a sturdy steel alloy frame with ultra-smooth and durable high-tech modern welding technique to make the frame as seamless as a high-class molded rib. Thanks to the advanced aerodynamic design, the car glides like flying on the road. In addition, the side of the car is also curved and small to the back to help the car have a strong and personality design.

In addition to powerful sports bikes, young people who love convenience can refer to other fashionable folding bikes at ADO E-bike.

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