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Power-assisted bicycle chain. Cause and fix

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Tuột xích xe đạp trợ lực. Nguyên nhân và cách sửa

  1. Signs of identification of a power-assisted bicycle that has lost its chain
  • Heavy bike
  • When the chain did not connect to the cassette and disc and got stuck in the frame, it felt heavy when cycling
  • Making noise when cycling
  • When the power-assist bicycle chain is released, you will see the bike make an annoying sound. The reason is that the chain has been scraped on the chassis part
  • Incorrect or slow gear shifting
  • When the chain is not well connected to the disc and cassette, it becomes difficult to shift gears
  1. The reason why bicycles often lose chains?

2.1. Gears corroded

After a long process of using power-assisted bicycle gears, it is easy to corrode. This makes the chain and gears poorly connected. From there, it is easy to cause the bicycle chain to slip.

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2.2. Chain too long

This is one of the most common reasons why bicycles lose their chains. It is possible that after many years the chain is subjected to the impact of heat and frequent traction will expand. This increases the length of the chain. At that time, the chain is overlapped and leads to the bike's condition.

2.3. The chain has a lot of dirt on it

If you do not clean the chain regularly, it will get dirty. Over time, it will become a stubborn stain that interferes with the ability to match the chain and gears.

2.4. Chain is crossed

When using you set the smallest disc - smallest cassette or largest disc - largest cassette. This also causes the power-assisted bicycle to lose its chain.

  1. How to fix bicycle chain

3.1. How to install a broken bicycle chain

Adjust the bicycle chain to the smallest disc in the front. This is the position where the chain is most stretched. After that, cycle to make the chain work properly

If the above method fails. Lift the wheel and turn the pedal and see if the chain has returned to its normal position

If not, push the starter forward to reduce the tension on the chain. Then, put the chain on the gear and lift the tire, turn the pedal

3.2. Bicycle chain cutting

If the above method is still unsuccessful or if you install it and use it for a while, it will lose the chain, your bike may have the same chain. The way to fix a bike with a broken chain at this time is to cut the chain.

In this way you need to prepare a chain cutter.

First, you use the chain cutter to open the link. At this step, remember to push the connecting roller between the links together to remove the links.

You can use this chain cutter to remove the links one at a time until the chain is the desired length.

Then, to reconnect the chain, you put the two sides of the chain together and push the middle roller in with the chain cutter. Check that the newly connected eyelet is smooth or not, if it is stiff, use a chain cutter to loosen it.

Above is the answer of ADO E-bike about the problem of the bicycle chain losing. And the cause as well as the appropriate remedy. Good luck with your application.

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