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Scientifically correct cycling posture

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Cycling is a very good and convenient form of exercise and is used by many people. However, the correct cycling posture is not everyone knows and does it properly. If you are new to learning about exercise with a power bike, let's learn about the correct cycling posture with us.

Keep your hands slightly bent when pedaling

This is the correct and scientific cycling posture, but is ignored by many people. Keeping the elbows slightly bent during cycling reduces shock from the bike to the back and arms. Thereby reducing hand and back pain.

Keep your hands in a comfortable position, not too tight or too loose. This can make you unsafe while cycling.

Keep thighs and shins at an angle between 65 and 145 degrees

When cycling, the hips, thighs and back are the parts that suffer the most. Therefore, if you ride the bike correctly, it can affect the muscles and joints in these parts. According to experts, always keeping the shin and thigh at an angle ranging from 65 to 145 when cycling is the correct cycling posture.

Keep your back straight

Cycling in the right posture is always keeping it straight and steady. Make sure your back, shoulders, and hips are aligned. You can sit slightly leaning forward to create better aerodynamics. This pose will protect the back from being sore after the exercise.

Instructions on how to ride a bicycle with the correct posture for each training need

Correct bicycle posture when accelerating

In this way, let's just ride our bike as usual. However, the front foot must press with a stronger force than usual. As for the turn of the foot that pedals backwards, slightly raise the foot. This will be very effective when you want to start accelerating, climbing steep slopes or sprinting to the finish line.

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Correct cycling posture when relaxing

This is the least effortful way because you just need to raise the back foot and finish while the front foot is in a resting state, no need to press down on the pedal. This seems to be the opposite of normal driving. Instead of pressing hard on the front pedal as usual, you will use less force to lift the foot on the rear pedal. This method is often used when walking, running or commuting every day.

Cycling in the right posture for fast and durable cycling

Use the second way to grow up and mainly develop in the rotation, so you need to try to move faster. Here, inertia will be used to maintain and develop speed. This way will not take too much effort, but only requires little effort to accelerate the rotation, so it should be used to run sustainably. This method is very popular with professional racing athletes when running long distances.

Some other notes

Adjust the seat height accordingly

To adjust the saddle height to suit your body, use standing next to your bike and change the saddle height so that it's level with your hips. When sitting on the bike, make sure your heels rest on the pedals. At the same time, between the shins and thighs create an angle of 140 - 150 degrees.

Do more abdominal exercises

You can do exercises to strengthen your muscles. These exercises are performed regularly to help improve health and facilitate you to get the correct cycling posture.

Here's a guide to help you ride your bike properly. Hope the above information is useful to you. Good luck with your application!