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Is cycling good for children?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Trẻ em đạp xe có tốt không?

Nowadays, children's addiction to devices is becoming more and more common. Power-assisted cycling is an effective exercise solution chosen by many parents. So, is cycling good for children? Let's find out with Bicycle Supermarket in this article!

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  • 1. Relaxation and entertainment

    More and more studies and evidence point to depression, psychological disorders in children due to sedentary outdoor activities. Cycling helps children limit the use of internet devices and immerse themselves in nature.

    When cycling, children have the opportunity to get to know and chat with friends. From there, help them be bolder and happier.

    After a long day of studying, exercising by bicycle helps them regain a more relaxed and comfortable spirit. At the same time, through cycling with their children, parents have the opportunity to better understand the world of their children. From there, there is a suitable method of educating children.

    2. Build independence

    Many psychological studies have shown that children with independence and self-control will have better academic results and be more successful. Cycling is an effective way to exercise independence for children.


    Photo: Children riding bicycles help build independence

    Children will overcome and overcome the difficulties that occur during cycling. When the car is dirty, children can clean and clean the car by themselves. From there, train children to have a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

    3. Increase stamina

    Increased endurance is one of the benefits of cycling for kids. When cycling , the body parts are coordinated with each other, from which the body is more flexible. Maintaining cycling for 20 - 30 minutes a day helps to improve health and fitness for children.


    Photo: Cycling helps increase endurance in children

    4. Good for the eyes

    When cycling, children can observe the surrounding scenery, exposure to natural light helps their eyes relax. Especially when the current situation of myopia in children with alarming numbers. Cycling will train children to have the ability to concentrate, observe well and have healthy eyes.

    5. Strong bones and joints

    Most children who regularly sit indoors have weaker health than children who are active outdoors. Cycling helps children absorb vitamin D, preventing rickets.

    At the same time, the muscles and joints are mobilized, so they are supple, flexible and develop good height.

    1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

    The benefit of cycling for children is a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Because when cycling, the excess fat in the body is burned, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the blood. Exercise by cycling reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in children.

    1. Immune booster

    Many surveys have concluded that children who are regularly exercised are less susceptible to infectious diseases. Therefore, parents should train their children to cycle regularly every day. This helps your child have a strong immune system to fight off diseases.

    1. Losing weight

    Weight loss is one of the benefits of cycling for kids. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the rate of children with obesity in Vietnam is higher than the average in Asia, and this number is even higher in urban areas.

    Cycling is an effective and easy way to lose weight for both adults and children. On average, cycling for 1 hour will burn 300 calories.

    Above is ADO E-bike's answer to the question: Is cycling good for children? Hope the above information is useful to you.

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