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Pocket how to oil a power-assisted bicycle chain

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Bỏ túi cách tra dầu xích xe đạp trợ lực

1. Time to oil bicycle chain

For those of you who use power-assisted bicycles regularly as a means of daily transportation. Instead of using a clean faucet, this is easy to cause rust. Due to standing water causes oxidation. Use a brush to clean the dirt on the surface of the bike chain and then use bicycle chain oil to apply it to the bike chain.

You should also regularly lubricate the bicycle chain about once a month or so. Depends on how often you use your bike.

In addition, if you have just changed the bike chain to a new one, you should also use bicycle chain lubricant to check the chain. This helps your vehicle operate more smoothly and quietly.

2. Bicycle chain oils

Currently, on the market of bicycle slug oil is very diverse for customers to choose from. However, in general, there are 3 most common types: wet oil, dry oil and wax oil.

Wet oil has the advantage of good water repellency. So it is very suitable for use on rainy and humid days. However, because it is wet oil, it is often easy to catch dirt.

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The opposite of wet oil is dry bicycle chain oil: Suitable for applying bicycle chain in the dry season or on dry days. Dry oil limits the accumulation of dirt, but this type of bicycle chain oil is easily washed away in the rain.

Wax oils are suitable for use in all types of weather conditions. However, the time to stick to the chain surface is not long, especially when exposed to water. Therefore, when using wax oil to lubricate bicycle chains, you need to do this job regularly. To make sure your car is always in top condition.

ADO's advice for you: Choose wax or dry oil when using your vehicle in dry or dusty weather. Use wet oil under rainy and humid conditions.

If you do not use the power bike regularly, you should choose dry oil, then wax oil. Wet oil is suitable for long-distance travel.

3. Instructions on how to properly oil the bicycle chain.

Step 1: Clean the bike chain

Before oiling the bike chain, make sure the bike chain is free of dirt. This, in turn, can affect the efficiency of the bike chain. Use a mild tea toothbrush to clean the dirt on the chain surface.

Step 2: Oil the bike chain

After cleaning the bike chain, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the chain. Then, apply bicycle chain lubricant to the chain link. The other hand turns the pedal to keep the chain moving continuously.

Step 3: Absorb excess oil on the chain

After applying the oil, wait about 5 minutes for the oil to absorb evenly. Check, any position lacking oil can be added. Finally, use a clean towel to absorb excess oil on the chain. This helps keep your bike cleaner and avoids soiling your clothes and shoes while cycling.

Above is a share of ADO E-bike to guide you how to properly oil your bike chain. Hope the above information is useful to you. Good luck!

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