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Should you ride a bike for herniated disc?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Thoát vị đĩa đệm có nên đạp xe không?


  1. Should a herniated disc ride a bike?

Should you ride a bike for herniated disc? This is a question many people ask when they are diagnosed with a herniated disc.

According to Medicine, Cycling is a sport that has a positive impact on people with herniated discs. Cycling helps stretch the spine and joints without putting too much pressure on these parts. From there, the muscles and joints are more flexible and soft, increasing blood circulation.

So to the question: Should a herniated disc ride a bike? The answer is yes, this is more effective and safer than jogging. Help you improve and overcome the worsening of this disease.

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2. Benefits of cycling with people with herniated discs

Doctors advise people with herniated discs to choose gentle exercise such as cycling, swimming or yoga, ... instead of intense exercise methods.

The benefits of cycling include:

  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body and slows down the aging process, helping patients stay supple and younger for longer.
  • Regular cycling is a gentle and effective way to increase blood circulation, thereby promoting metabolism and joints to work more flexibly.
  • Cycling relaxes muscles and joints, for people with herniated discs has great meaning. Help the patient improve the pain and improve the more severe condition of this disease. It can be said: Cycling cures herniated disc to some extent.
  • Not only that, cycling also has a significant impact on the respiratory system. Exercise by cycling helps regulate breathing, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

3. Notes for people with herniated discs when cycling

People with herniated discs need to pay attention to a few things after cycling:

  • Bicycling posture for people with herniated discs: This is a very important thing that people with herniated discs need to pay attention to. According to doctors, the ideal distance between the saddle and the handle is 8 inches (however, it is suitable for the height and condition of each person). The standard sitting posture will reduce the pressure between the vertebrae and reduce the compression of the discs on the nerves.
  • It is advisable to ride on flat roads, avoiding steep slopes and obstacles. This will affect the condition of the disease and may cause an accident if the driver has weak bones and slow response to emergency situations.
  • Do not cycle too fast, should maintain a moderate and gentle speed.
  • Bicycles for people with herniated discs need to ensure the right size for the body. Vehicles that are too high or too low can have bad consequences for the spine and knee joints.
  • When cycling, always keep your back and shoulders in line. Don't let your butt leave the saddle. Thus, people with herniated discs will be safer.

Above are some answers of Bicycle Supermarket to the question: Should a herniated disc be cycling? And some notes for people with herniated discs when cycling. Hope the above information is useful to you. Good luck with your application.