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Is running or cycling better?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Chạy bộ hay đạp xe tốt hơn?

1. Is cycling or running better for your body?

1.1 Calories consumed:

If you want to burn a lot of calories, you should choose running instead of cycling. Because in 30 minutes: cycling only burns 145 calories, while jogging will burn up to 295 calories.

1.2 Effects on muscles:

If you want to build muscle, you should choose to cycle, because cycling consumes less energy than running. But it affects many muscle groups, especially the muscle groups in the lower body.

In addition, if you want to tone your body, you should choose running. Because when running, the muscle mass is subjected to quite a lot of pressure and becomes more toned.

So, for the question: Which cycling and running is better for your body, you should choose running. Jogging both helps you burn a significant amount of calories and is significantly more effective than cycling. At the same time, running also helps your muscles toning faster than cycling.

2. Is cycling or running better for health?

2.1 For the heart:
To compare how effective running and cycling are on the heart, the answer is that their impact on the heart is the same. Studies have shown that being physically active by cycling or jogging significantly improves cardiovascular and circulatory problems, improves respiratory health and reduces the risk of stroke.

Therefore, between running and cycling, there are positive effects on human circulatory and respiratory systems. However, note that you should not be active for more than 60 minutes a day and no more than 5 days a week. In order not to fall into a state of overexertion and adversely affect your health.

2.2 For bones and joints:

The advice of doctors is that people with bone and joint problems, especially the elderly, need light exercise should use bicycles. Cycling helps reduce pressure on joints, helps muscles move smoothly, circulates blood and releases calcium into the blood.

Product reference:

Jogging is said to have a greater impact on joints than cycling. Helps stimulate bone tissue growth. However, this method is suitable for younger people.

In summary, to the question of which is better cycling or running: Cycling is better for people with joint problems and the elderly. Running is better for young people.

2.3 Risk of injury:

Runners are at a higher risk of injury than cyclists. The most common is muscle damage and pain.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a mode of exercise that is suitable for the condition of the body. Avoid injuries.

Above are some shares of Bicycle Supermarket for many of you questions: Is it better to run or cycle? Each method has its own benefits, depending on your preferences, needs and body condition to choose the most suitable. Good luck!

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