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Method of cleaning the transmission of a power-assisted bicycle

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

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The shifter, also known by the names such as the starter (transmission unit), transfers the pedal force of the foot to the wheel to help the car move forward. In order for all your journeys to be optimized for speed and experience, it always requires good vehicle operation. Let's learn with ADO E-bike about methods to clean and maintain the transmission of sports power bikes, terrain power bikes!

  1. Time to clean the actuator

Usually, the maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle does not have a specific mandatory time. Depending on the weather as well as the terrain you use the car, we have our own specific timelines.

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Specifically, in the rainy season, you should clean the transmission system after each journey and lubricate the chain when there are signs of hissing.

In dry conditions, you need to check as well as observe whether the operation of the actuators is smooth and smooth, when they show signs of making unnecessary noises, that's when you need to proceed. hygiene practice.

  1. Cleaning stuff


The brush has a small size, so that the smallest parts can be cleaned

Chain cleaning tool



Chain cleaner/degreaser

Chain cleaning and lubricating gel

  1. Carry out cleaning
  2. Cleaning slugs

First, you need to check the wear of the slug. The slug is one of the important parts of the car that you need to pay attention to, especially if the slug shows signs of wear. It can cause unfortunate accidents or you may slip during your pedaling. So, do not forget the chain after a long time of use!

Proceed to clean the slug with specialized cleaners, you should carefully clean both surfaces of the slug.

  1. Cleaning dishes

Lift the thread out of the rack with your hand or a screwdriver, then clean it thoroughly.

Clean from the inside with a small brush or with a mop. You can wipe them over with a specialized cleaner, and remember to wipe them with a dry rag, so as to avoid rust or dust quickly.

  1. Tire cleaning

Are you curious to know what shoelaces are needed for? Here's a tip when using shoelaces to clean between the small gaps between the wheels.

You can remove the rear wheel and clean, repeating with each pair of gears until they feel cleaner.

  1. Cleaning the shank

You can use a small brush or mop soaked in detergent to clean the starter pulley. Cleaning the starter is one of the most important steps in transmission cleaning.


- Use a rag to wipe the slug again. You may not need to use detergent. With one hand you hold the slug inside the rag, and the hand proceeds to reverse the car. Do this to make sure your slugs are cleaned like new, no longer dirty

- For cycling in the rainy season, you can use specialized lubricants for wet weather

- For dry weather, choose a low-grease lubricating oil

- Proceed to clean through the excess lubricant on the slug, making sure that only a thin layer is left so that you can both save costs and increase the life of the slug.