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Common mistakes when maintaining power-assisted bicycles you need to pay attention to

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Những lỗi thường gặp khi bảo dưỡng xe đạp trợ lực bạn cần lưu ý

For those who are passionate about speed by sports power bicycles, mountain powered bicycles, vehicle maintenance is something that should be done regularly. Because from the small details of each vehicle part will bring more confidence and comfort when you join your journey. Let's work with ADO E-bike to find out the common errors encountered during bike maintenance!

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  1. No disc

In order for the car to move up and down smoother, you need to adjust the screws on your gearshift. However, when changing gears if you feel stuck, you can further check the cause is a bent cable or gear bar. Do not just stare and tighten the screws because that will accidentally damage other parts.

  1. Maintenance schedule

Maintenance of the chain is often one of the most important things, to ensure the safety of users as well as prolong the life of bicycles, especially mountain bikes and sports bikes.

For lubricants, chain maintenance when sprayed too much will make it easier to get dirt and grit. This causes the chain to quickly fail and shorten its service life.

To make the chain more secure, after being lubricated, use a rag to wipe the entire chain, leaving only a thin layer of enough lubricant.

After each journey, you should use a rag to wipe over the chain, sprocket to limit dust as well as increase the life of these parts of the vehicle.

  1. Apply brake fluid

If every time you use the brake, you always hear a continuous squealing and creaking sound, don't think that grease is the cause.

With brake calipers, the cause can be because the brake pads are not properly arranged or because they have been worn out over a long period of use.

With most of the time when the brakes make a noise, it is because the brake pads are dirty. So, don't forget to check and clean your brake pads at the right time as well as replace them when necessary!

  1. Twist the handlebars

The collar cover only needs to be tightened just enough to prevent the handlebars from vibrating. When you find it difficult to adjust the direction and feel that the handlebars are tight, check the cover is screwed too tight and adjust it again.

  1. Need to fix wheel axle

Although rarely mentioned, the need to fix the wheel shaft is an extremely important detail to help you have the most perfect experience as well as convenience during use.

The fixed lever has 2 lever positions to open and close. When on the road, the lever is set to the closed position. And after tightening the opposite screws, the lever will fix the wheel shaft to ensure the safety of the user. You should only tighten enough to be able to push the lever back to the open position easily.

  1. Tire

One of the small mistakes that cyclists often encounter is riding with too little or too inflated tires, which always have a certain effect on your speed experience.

Find out the average tire pressure (located on the sidewall, one side of the tire conforms to the regulations so you always have a more enjoyable speed experience.

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