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Things you need to know to increase the life of your power bike

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Những điều bạn cần biết để tăng tuổi thọ cho chiếc xe đạp trợ lực của mình

You always want to be able to extend the life of your mountain bike, sports power bike for longer. So let's learn with ADO E-bike about methods to increase the long life of your power-assisted bicycle.

  1. Always keep the car clean

You should conduct cleaning for your car regularly because that will save a lot of maintenance time as well as limit the possibility of the car being damaged quickly. Depending on your car usage habits as well as the distance you have traveled, you can clean your car once a week.

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Pay attention to cleaning important car corners like the inside of the shifter. Do not let the dirt stick on for too long, it will lead to the situation of the car being stuck when pedaling, even rusting.

  1. Keep the car dry

Even in the rainy season, you should make sure your bike is dry. If water gets caught in the chain, the transmission will cause the car to rust, leading to rapid damage.

To increase the life of the car, remember to keep the car dry, because if a chain is damaged, you only have water to buy a new one to go home, very inconvenient.

  1. Pay attention to every sound of the car

Never ignore unusual sounds coming from your bike, because it is a sign that your bike is having problems from the inside.

Instead of stubbornly pedaling for a long time, take the time to identify and check the problem your car is having to take timely remedial measures.

  1. Keep your bike indoors

Do not leave your bike outdoors. When the car is exposed to direct sunlight, dew, wind and dust will significantly reduce the life of the car, namely rust.

In case of force majeure, you can cover the car with a thin layer of tarpaulin or items such as paper, banners.

  1. Stand upright

You should try to keep your bike upright so that your handlebars are parallel to the floor when not in use.

Most people think that leaning the bike against the wall will prevent the bike from falling over, however, this will cause the bike to be off-center.

  1. Reasonable car maintenance time

A reasonable amount of time to have your car serviced is 6 months. When the vehicle is used regularly, there is still a high risk of damage. Timely detection and repair will prevent serious damage to the vehicle in the future.