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5 ways to help you stay motivated to practice cycling for a long time

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

5 cách giúp bạn tạo động lực tập xe đạp lâu dài

The movement of terrain-assisted cycling and sports-assisted cycling among young people is gaining popularity. While many people have started choosing bicycles as a means of daily transportation, what about you? ADO E-bike will give you the following tips to form a long-term cycling habit!

  1. Stop making excuses for every situation

Have you ever wanted to cycle around your area, but put it off because of an appointment with friends. Or do you come home from work and be absorbed in a good movie, or worry about playing a game?

Whenever thinking about the long training process makes you feel bored, then create yourself short milestones, with only 30 minutes / day and change the cycling location like that. You have become more interesting.

To form a good habit we always need to be repeated in 21 days, so choose to cycle before deciding to indulge in other pleasures!

  1. Think about why you ride your bike

Before you decide to bring home a sports bike for your speed adventure, or a super cool off-road bike, really think seriously about why you choose to cycle. car.

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  • In the face of temptations, it's often easy to forget the previous night's resolutions, so think about all the positives you'll gain from cycling: weight loss, good health or sociability. and achieve passion challenges...

    1. Join bike lovers groups

    Cycling alone often makes you give up quickly. Then, don't hesitate to participate in cycling with other members of sports power cycling groups, mountain bike groups, or simply bike lovers. … Communicating with like-minded people is the best method to revive the sports spirit inside you.

    When traveling with many people, you will have the opportunity to experience interesting real-life experiences that you cannot find through books. This is also a method to help you improve the speed and level of practice.

    1. Set goals for yourself

    Setting goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated and track your cycling progress.

    Set short-term, long-term or personal goals.

    1. Reward yourself

    Rewarding yourself is one of the ways to keep yourself motivated to practice every day.

    If you like a new style of sports shoes, helmets…? Then create yourself goals and when you achieve them proceed to reward yourself in the most deserving way.

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