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Methods to help you improve cycling performance

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Phương pháp giúp bạn cải thiện hiệu suất đạp xe

Conquering cycling speed has always been a passion for people of all ages, so ways to improve cycling performance should always be a common concern for everyone. Let's learn about the following techniques with ADO E-bike!

  1. Your existing saddle is right for you

Saddle plays a very important role, deciding whether your journey is comfortable or not. An ill-fitting saddle will cause numbness and discomfort to the body-to-body contact.

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  • Power-assisted bicycle A20F XE
  • Power bike ADO A20 Lite
  • For sports power bikes at ADO E-bike, we always pay attention to the design and smoothness of the saddle, to always bring you the most enjoyable experience.

    1. Exercise

    When you practice cycling regularly, be sure to maintain your heart rate at 65-80%. This helps you improve your fitness as well as better blood circulation. For those of you who love conquering terrain bikes , you can maintain at 90% of your maximum heart rate

    In addition, after training, do not forget to let muscle groups rest, have the best time to recover and improve.

    Break down the goals you have set to conquer each stage. Don't forget to set goals so that you are motivated to conquer challenges and push your limits.

    1. Cycling technique

    - Brakes: 

    You should learn how to use the brakes effectively in each specific situation and terrain, through the brake you can completely improve your cycling performance.

    You need to pay attention to how long it will take to stop the vehicle and whether the tires will slip, grip and the effectiveness of the brakes.

    The efficiency of the front brake is 70-80% of the force to stop the vehicle, while the rear brake helps to reduce the vehicle's speed.

    - Gear:

    Depending on the terrain and slope, you also need to have the appropriate gear adjustments to improve cycling performance:

    • Climb slopes with large gears for easier climbing
    • Use gears and (middle) suitable for common terrain

    Small gears help you glide further with each pedal stroke. Suitable for every time you want to speed up

    1. Equip the necessary tools

    Always prepare the necessary repair tools to avoid unexpected situations that will occur on the road you conquer.

    Mini repair kit includes: pump, spare tire, tire patch and tire lever.

    In addition, applications such as raincoats, sunscreen, water, snacks should also be carefully equipped.

    1. Other Notes

    Please wear light colored clothing so that the vehicles can see you, for those of you cycling at night need to equip more lights as well as glowing clothes to always ensure your safety.

    During the pedaling process, it is necessary to carefully observe the front and both sides of the road to be prepared for potential hazards that can be dangerous to you.

    Avoid entering the highway lane, for large vehicles because you will most likely enter the blind spot causing unfortunate accidents.

    In addition, with any conquest, always accompany your group or friends, so you will always have safe companions by your side.