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Cycling helps fight cancer

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Đạp xe giúp đẩy lùi các bệnh ung thư

Power-assisted cycling not only helps you maintain your desired weight, healthy physique, but they also have the ability to help regulate hormones and help a healthy immune system fight diseases, including cancer. breast letter. If in doubt, let's find out more about that benefit with ADO E-bike !

A study in the British Medical Journal found that regular cyclists had a 45% lower risk of cancer compared with those who chose to travel by car or public transport.

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In addition, regular cycling also helps you reduce the risk of heart disease and significantly reduces mortality. With just 30 minutes of cycling a day, you can completely reduce your risk of cancer by 34%, not just breast cancer.

Busy life makes you always procrastinate your cycling plan, so change your choice of means of transport instead of a street bike!

In addition to the line of sports powered racing bikes or terrain powered bikes for speed enthusiasts to conquer challenges, at ADo E-bike street bikes are also focused on design and style. like the best specifications for all your daily activities.

In addition, cycling also brings benefits not to be missed for patients such as:

Improve body ability and function: During cycling, muscle groups throughout the body are always active so that ensures flexibility and agility of your body.

Improve balance: This is without doubt, in order for the bike to pedal well, you must always maintain it in a state of balance.

Treatment-induced nausea , which includes lowering levels of hormones that inhibit cancer growth, reducing inflammation, and improving immune system function

Reduce fatigue and control weight

Even for patients with joint pain or limited range of motion, cycling allows exercise without putting extra stress on the joints. It even improves joint health by strengthening the muscles around the knee.

Cycling is also a good exercise for the heart, building muscles, strengthening body awareness

To protect the health of yourself and your loved ones, always encourage people to participate in useful fitness activities such as cycling. Cycling is also one of the useful activities for young children, increasing health, training concentration and quick reflexes in life.

Spend the weekend cycling with family members, through this activity, you completely help your body relax, relax in harmony with nature and strengthen relationships with other members. in the family.

In addition, you can also join groups for cycling lovers to be able to connect with many new friends and learn more new things.