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ADO Laboratory-What Should A Good Battery Be Like For Ebike?

by ADO Ebike on Jan 09, 2023

Phòng thí nghiệm ADO - Như thế nào là một bộ pin tốt cho xe đạp trợ lực điện?

High-Quality In recent years, with the popularity of electric power-assisted bicycles, battery batteries have become an important part of consumers' attention.

According to statistics, 3 out of 10 electric-assist bicycle accidents are caused by battery batteries, and the rate of battery-related accidents is increasing year by year because of unsafety, low operating range, age, etc. The short lifespan and uneven quality of batteries in the market make consumers nervous when buying an electric power-assisted bicycle.

These concerns continue to concern ADO electric power assist bicycles , we created the ADO lab to address consumer concerns and make more quality products, and we I also have something to say about the electric power assist bicycle battery.
We created the first ADO Labs video to give you the insight into "What makes a good battery pack for an electric power bike?"

What are the most important factors affecting the performance of a bicycle battery?

Available (Battery and protective plate)
For a bicycle battery pack, the battery and the protective plate are the most important materials of the battery pack.
The quality of the battery determines the quality and safe performance of the battery pack, and the entire battery manufacturing process is very complex. Therefore, the output state of the finished battery cannot be changed, and battery factories will sell different types of batteries. Our company for manufacturers, whether imported or domestic, only cooperates with the original factory, all agents are refused to cooperate. For each batch of input materials, safety checks are carried out and a warranty agreement is signed to ensure stable battery power and quality.

The second most important material for a bicycle battery pack is the protective plate. For the protection plate, we choose the manufacturers that are the leading manufacturers of electric bicycle battery packs in the country, in accordance with the national safety requirements and certification requirements of the country. EU. Our battery protection plate through SGS double protection certification, using double protection design can make it safer and more reliable, through the guard ring to monitor and prevent the effect of the battery. battery damage, preventing over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuiting due to fire. Protection loops effectively monitor and prevent battery damage, charging, discharging, and short circuits that can lead to fire or explosion.

Structure and design
In addition to the battery and protection plate, the design and protection of a good bicycle battery structure are also important factors affecting the quality and safe performance of the battery pack.

Pairing standards: The accuracy of battery coupling determines the life of the battery pack, most of the industrial manufacturers use the battery coupling system when using domestic batteries. ADO electric power assist bicycle batteries do not distinguish between imported and domestic batteries, they are made according to factory internal standards and internal standards far beyond industry standards can reach battery grade standards tram.

The battery pack is a combination of many batteries and the internal strings and connections are very complicated. Therefore, when designing the battery pack, we need to add a fixed bracket to dissipate heat and insulate the battery pack. We will refuse to manufacture battery packs without brackets.

For many battery boxes on the market today, most of the battery boxes are designed by the notebook factory and assembled by the battery factory. But this often omits a lot of details, many battery manufacturers assemble directly and do not optimally upgrade the battery pack themselves.

For the male battery pack model, our company allows an internal upgrade of the battery, from a conventional split structure design to a single structure, reducing internal transmission confusion by using an integrated structural design. This greatly reduces the failure point of the battery pack and makes the battery pack safer.


About ADO . Lab

In order to be more professional in the field of electric bicycles and ensure the high quality of our products, ADO established a laboratory which is certified as "QTL Laboratory (Qualified Laboratory)" by the SGS international agency. The laboratory has invested in advanced testing equipment in accordance with international requirements of SGS.

In addition to testing electric power-assisted bicycles, the ADO lab will simulate the battery under various temperature, humidity and extreme weather conditions to test the battery's ability to maintain a stable state under extreme conditions. different case or not. We install the battery in the device and use it to test the battery in different environments, and we can set different discharge currents to test the change in battery capacity during different operations , to ensure each battery has a good operating life.

ADO Labs will continue to pay attention to consumer concerns, and ADO will continue to produce high-quality and reliable e-bikes to become everyday companions.

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