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The powerful and high-performance motor of the electric power-assisted bicycle ADO

by ADO Ebike on Jan 09, 2023

Động cơ mạnh mẽ và hiệu suất cao của xe đạp trợ lực điện ADO

Like the heart of an electric power-assisted bicycle, the motor is one of the most important parts. For ADO electric power-assisted bicycles , a motor with excellent performance must have strong power, efficient energy conversion and high safety. Therefore, for different aspects of the engine, the ADO laboratory performed different tests and recorded the testing process:

In accordance with EN15194 and SGS-issued standards, we have carried out rigorous testing of the motor in the ADO laboratory:

Heat balance:
What is a thermal balance test? Thermal balance is the study of the balance between energy gain and loss, efficiency and loss; Uses a systematic and comprehensive approach to identify problems in energy use and causes of waste. Thereby enhancing scientific energy management, improving processes, converting inefficient equipment, rationally using energy and saving energy.
The engine must operate at full capacity continuously for more than 4 hours. Then, the temperature rise data will be collected with the ADO experts. A temperature rise of no more than 2 degrees per hour is considered standard.

Torque is the key for the motor to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. We have a motor design team to get the motor to extremely high rpm, then switch the swingarm to bring the 250W motor to 42N.m of torque. Torque can provide the rider with enough force when starting or going uphill. So it is easy to drive the electric power assisted bicycle on different roads.

Performance is another engine key. High efficiency motor can save energy. As a result the bike can be driven farther and longer.
ADO's motors are built using rare new materials and mechanical hand-switching principles. So the engine efficiency can be up to 85%.

As we all know, the operation of the motor through the magnetic force to convert energy. Normally, common magnetism will decompose at high temperatures. However, ADO's products are not. ADO's motor uses a new rare earth material, which allows the magnet to recede at a temperature 15 degrees higher than that of a conventional magnet. At the ADO laboratory, we test engine performance separately at temperatures of -20 degrees to 45 degrees.
With excellent test results, ADO's engines are highly efficient and stable at any temperature.


Excellent design combined with professional testing can create ADO electric power-assisted bicycle products with a strong and safe heart. Move with ease in a fun way - anytime, anywhere.