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The advantages of cycling over running you should know

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Những ưu điểm của đạp xe so với chạy bộ bạn nên biết

Are you planning for yourself a reasonable sports training plan? Then let's go with ADO E-bike to find the outstanding advantages of cycling instead of running!

1. Power-assisted bicycles are suitable for all subjects

It's all about burning calories through the road you will conquer, just by looking at it, you can see that the road due to cycling will obviously be longer than the distance you run, from which it can be assessed. Efficiency is achieved through movement.

Compared to jogging, power-assisted bicycles are suitable for all subjects of the same weight and physique. When your weight will affect the movement process, especially when jogging, while it is not inconvenient when you cycle on flat roads.

2. No effect on muscle

In general, running will cause your body to quickly deplete energy compared to cycling. Research shows that running causes higher levels of inflammation, causing more muscle damage and longer recovery times than cycling.

In addition, cycling also helps build muscle effectively when it is a sport that combines all parts of your body together.

3. Reduce hunger

During both cycling and running, your body releases the acidified hormone ghrelin to help curb hunger effectively through which your training plan quickly achieves good results.

In terms of the advantages of the distance you will gain, you will see that compared to running, cycling has more advantages for those who want to lose weight effectively.

4. Comfortable mood when exercising

When cycling, you are in harmony with nature, receiving each breeze, sometimes challenging yourself on steep roads and terrains that bring you many interesting experiences. But surely when you run, it will not be able to bring you these exciting experiences!

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    5. Effective extracurricular activities

    You can completely use a power-assisted bicycle to replace all daily activities extremely convenient, contributing to environmental protection as well as saving travel costs. In addition to modern street bikes, you can completely choose a convenient folding power bike at ADO.

    ADO A20 Air folding power-assisted bicycle

    Have you thought about riding a power bike? It would be great to ride that bike. Through cycling, you can actively visit new routes and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the road more closely. The trip will also be better than ever.

    You will effectively expand your network, along with friends who share your passion. Share, tighten and also help you communicate more effectively and confidently in life.

    Cycling is not only a training activity, but it also gives you many exciting experiences. Please contact ADO E-bike immediately so we can help you choose a quality companion!