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Notes not to be missed when choosing to buy power-assisted bicycle tires

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Những lưu ý không được bỏ qua khi chọn mua lốp xe đạp trợ lực

1. When to change power bike tires

Power-assisted bicycle tires or bicycle covers are important parts, when damaged can affect your safety. Especially when the vehicle is moving at high speed or on bad roads. Therefore, users must regularly check the condition of their bicycle tires to promptly repair and replace.

When to replace the bike cover:

  • When bicycle tires are edematous, cracked and patched many times.
  • When cycling you feel your bike shaking abnormally in the head and body.
  • The ridges on the tire surface help the car to grip the road better. At that time, you should change the inner shell of the bike, giving you more confidence when riding on slippery and wet roads.

2. Criteria for choosing to buy power-assisted bicycle tires (bicycle cover)

2.1. Suitable for use

  • Bicycle tires with spikes or without spikes

The spikeless power bike tire is suitable for racing bikes. Racing bike tires are ideal for traveling on flat roads at high speeds.

Product reference:

Image: Spikeless racing bicycle tire

Tires/cases with spikes are commonly used for mountain bikes. Tires of mountain bikes often travel on rough, rugged roads and many obstacles. Mountain bike tires have many spikes that increase traction to help you ride safer and easier.

  • Tubeless bicycle tire

Tubeless bicycle tires are attached directly to the rim without the need for a tube. This tire is suitable for mountain bikes. When you often move on steep rocky terrain, it is difficult to go.

  • Anti-puncture bicycle tire

This type of bicycle cover is quite expensive. But in return, bicycle tires have high durability thanks to being manufactured using modern materials and technology.

Folding bicycle tire

When you need to carry a lot of luggage, using a bike with folding tires is a reasonable choice. This saves you space and weight. Create favorable conditions for you to carry with you.

  • Bicycle tires in the snow

If you travel on snowy roads, you should choose this specialized bike cover. With the design of rivets on the floating ridges on the tire surface, increase the ability to grip the road.

2.2. Choose the right tire size

When manufacturing power-assisted bicycles, each type of power-assisted bicycle uses a different tire size. Tire size both affects the aesthetics of the vehicle and depends on the height of the user's body.

Tire size is embossed on the tire surface, you observe and choose to buy the right size. To avoid buying the wrong bike cover and not being able to install it.

2.3. Choose a tire that is compatible with your power bike

  • Off-road bicycle tires

For mountain bikes, large tires are often used to create better balance when going on bad roads. The thickness is usually from 30mm or more. The dirt bike tires have many rough spikes and the ridges on the tread are deep to help create good grip.

  • Racing bicycle tires

Racing bicycle tires are designed to help the bike reach the fastest speeds possible. Because racing bikes often move on flat roads at high speeds.

Race bike tires are usually small tires, without spikes, the tires are thinner than other types of bicycles (usually 18-25mm).

  • Bicycle tire

In terms of size, the bike cover is no different from other bicycles. But it is more durable thanks to being made of good materials. The bike cover also has ridges, but it is less prominent than a mountain bike.

Photo: ADO D30C . power-assisted mountain bike

  • Children's bicycle tires

Children's bicycle tires have many different wheel sizes suitable for children's ages and heights from 12 inches to 20 inches. Tires often have wide and many spikes to create balance on any terrain.

2.4. Choose tires with the right width

Tire width is a parameter associated with the size printed on the surface of the tire.

The wider the tire, the better the load capacity and traction. So it's almost safer than a small bike cover. However, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to achieve high speeds when traveling with wide tires.

Above are some experiences of ADO E-bike sharing how to choose the most suitable bicycle tire. Good luck!