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The benefits of cycling in the morning

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Morning is an important time of the whole day, starting the morning full of energy will improve work performance as well as study effectively. When you start your day with a good mood, full of positive energy, your day will pass with the best productivity. One of the secrets to starting the day with energy is to participate in sports activities such as morning cycling. Find out about the must-have benefits of this activity!

According to a study by a university in the US, the use of different means of transportation has different emotional indicators: happiness, suffering, fatigue, boredom, etc. For cyclists, especially joining a group or with family is the happiest, followed by public transport.

1. Cycling keeps bones strong

Cycling is a sport that evenly affects muscle groups throughout the body from calf muscles, thigh muscles, hip muscles, back, shoulders... Through the process of movement, blood is circulated more, causing the muscles to stretch. and enhanced toughness as well as good endurance, making bones better anchored and protected.

Morning is the time when the body expends a lot of energy after sleep, so don't let your stomach go hungry when you practice cycling. When there is not enough energy, the body will have manifestations such as fatigue, dizziness. Eat a light meal 30 minutes before to ensure the most effective workout.

2. Cycling helps to tone the body

Cycling is a fat-burning activity that helps the body become slimmer. Especially for those with thigh fat when cycling, it will be affected by the gluteal muscles, the inner thigh muscles to help them become firmer.

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Cycling is also recommended as an effective exercise for overweight and obese people because cycling evenly affects the whole body, but they do not cause the whole body to exert pressure on one part, and depending on the ability. where speed and time are also adjusted more efficiently.

3. Cycling improves cardiopulmonary function

According to research results, cycling is considered to be the best way to improve cardiovascular health. When cycling, blood is circulated better, making coronary arteries healthier and more flexible, effectively preventing the aging process in the elderly.

During cycling, the body often loses water due to sweat, so do not forget to replenish water in time for the body. Drink slowly every 15 minutes.

4. Cycling prevents cancer

According to a scientific study in the Netherlands conducted with women, those who regularly cycled reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30%.

Cycling is an effective exercise method suitable for everyone, and offers outstanding results in improving health and good memory. Cycling for 30 minutes a day is one of the exercises that reduces the risk of diabetes by 40%.

5. Cycling improves quality of life

Cycling is an activity that not only promotes health, but also is a way to supplement the "happy vitamin" for the family to help connect family members together, as well as help you improve your ability to communicate. continue when joining a group after a stressful period of studying and working.

Depending on the condition of each person, everyone has a different training time frame, however, the ideal time is from 30 to 45 minutes so that the muscle groups do not work too hard leading to the condition. Tired should not.

Start forming positive life habits and improve the health of yourself and your family through planning a bike ride for the whole family!