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Should skinny people ride a power bike to gain weight?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Người gầy có nên đi xe đạp trợ lực để tăng cân không?

We often know that cycling helps to lose weight, so does cycling increase weight? Should skinny people ride a bike? In this article, ADO E-bike will explain this. Along with that is the experience of cycling to gain weight effectively. Let's see!

Should skinny people ride a power bike?

For those who have been thin for a long time but can't gain weight. Common problems with nutrient absorption. The sudden increase in nutritional balance. This is ineffective without accompanying movement. When substances enter the body too much, the body cannot absorb all and will be eliminated.

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The solution is that you exercise by cycling to gain weight. This is a simple, effective and easy way to gain weight. When cycling, the energy in the body will be consumed, then the energy stored in the body is compensated to maintain movement. From there, nutrients instead of being eliminated, they are used to convert into energy for cycling.

This process is maintained regularly, after a while will increase the ability to absorb nutrients. Over time, it will become an energy deficiency, then stimulate the eating process to help you eat more.

So, for the question, should skinny people ride a bike? Then the answer is yes. However, there needs to be a method to gain weight effectively.

The secret to cycling to gain weight

Before cycling

When cycling will make you sweat a lot, so replenish the amount of water your body needs by drinking plenty of water before you start exercising. Besides, you should also eat something to recharge to get ready for the exercise. However, you should not eat too much because it will affect and make it difficult for the cycling process.

For effective weight-gain cycling, you need to make sure to warm up well. You should warm up before cycling to avoid muscle tension, slippage, misalignment or some unnecessary injuries. Please adjust the saddle to suit your height so as not to affect your health, and choose the most comfortable shoes to increase the excitement of the exercise.

Bike pose

Cycling posture will greatly affect your training results. Usually, you will encounter some problems during exercise such as sitting in the wrong posture, dislocated hips, scoliosis or hunched back. When cycling, you need to keep your back straight, comfortable, not too forceful, avoid bowing, twisting your back or bending your legs out because that will create a bad habit for you.

Cycling time

For cycling to gain weight, you do not need to exercise too hard or cycle for too long otherwise it will be harmful to your health. You should only cycle for less than 1 hour and then combine it with proper rest or it will backfire.

Pedal speed

You should spend the first 10 minutes to warm up by gently pedaling, warming up the body, letting the body adapt gradually. Then gradually, depending on your time to gradually adjust the speed, you should spend ⅓ of your training time trying out cycling at a fast pace. This period helps you get your best fitness training and see the results.

If you read this far, you definitely have the answer to the question: Does cycling make you gain weight? Hope the information is useful to you. I wish you success in applying and getting the body you want.