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10+ great benefits of going to school by power-assisted bicycle that you could not have imagined

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

10+ lợi ích tuyệt vời khi đi học bằng xe đạp trợ lực mà bạn không thể ngờ tới

Going to school by power-assisted bicycle brings great benefits that other means of transport cannot replace. Students in the growing age need to maintain a cycling habit to grow taller and lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, there are many other unexpected benefits. Let's find out right in this article!

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  • 1. Going to school by bicycle helps train observation, attention and memory skills

    When participating in traffic on the road, it requires them to observe carefully, pay close attention and concentrate high. As a result, these factors are reinforced and practiced daily to help study and work in the future. At the same time, when riding a power-assisted bicycle to school, children need to estimate the distance from other vehicles to increase spatial awareness, which is very good for artistic minds such as designing or drawing,...

    In 2013, a scientific study showed that: Exercise including cycling increased blood volume to the brain by 28% and blood still increased by 40% after cycling. This is a huge benefit when choosing to cycle to school: Increases memory capacity, increases learning performance, understands lessons and easily achieves good results.

    2. Create healthy habits for health

    According to the share of many parents who buy bicycles to go to school for their children to help them create a habit of regular exercise to improve their health and fitness. Every day, getting up early, having a full breakfast and exercising by cycling for 30-45 minutes helps children to be mentally comfortable. After a stressful day of studying, cycling is an effective way to relax and help children dispel fatigue and stress.

     In addition, going to school by power-assisted bicycle is an effective way to protect the environment and save resources. This, children are always propagated and learned from books, but not all children can do it. Cycling every day helps children to do it right in reality and do something useful for society and the environment.

    Not to mention, cycling to school helps them save a huge amount of gas costs compared to using motorbikes. Especially in the face of rising gas prices.

    3. Strengthen health and endurance

    Today, the state of inactivity in children is alarming. Many children sit in school all day. When you get home, entertain yourself with TV, phone or play games. This makes your health worse, easier to get sick, nearsighted, stressed, weak muscles,... But if you make a habit of cycling to school, your children will improve a lot. health problem.

    4. Improve height

    Exercising by cycling is an effective way to increase height for growing children. The effect will decrease with age. Sports power bicycles to school and terrain powered bicycles to school are now the choice of many parents and students.

    Cycling every day with the correct posture helps the joints to be stretched to increase height effectively. At the same time, cycling outdoors helps the absorption of Vitamin D better.

    5. Effective weight loss

    Not only school children, many adults have also chosen cycling as a method of weight loss. This is considered a simple and easy way to lose weight. The most important thing is that it requires perseverance and hard work.

    Research shows that cycling for 30 minutes a day helps you burn 400 calories. Depending on your weight loss goals, you need to adjust the intensity and time of cycling to the most appropriate.

    6. Deeper Sleep

    Medical experts have explained that: Cycling helps relieve stress and synchronizes the body's circadian rhythm. Therefore, using a bicycle to go to school helps you have deeper and better quality sleep.

    7. Help you stay young

    Do you believe that going to school by bicycle helps you improve your beauty? Experts from Stanford University have confirmed that: Cycling helps increase the circulation of nutrients to each cell, helping them to stay full. At the same time, cycling regularly increases collagen production to help improve wrinkles.

    8. Improves eyesight and breathing

    Going to school by bicycle helps increase the amount of oxygen in the body 10 times compared to no exercise. At the same time, cycling outdoors exposes your eyes to natural light, improving eyesight.

    9. Practice independence

    Cycling to school is a small activity but has a great meaning to independence for children. Children learn to control their own time, solve problems on their own if they encounter problems on the road. At the same time, children go to school by themselves, parents will save money, time and effort in transportation. Be more focused on work.

    10. Create good memories on the way to school

    Cycling to school is an exciting experience that makes your youth more interesting and colorful. Every day when I go to school, I get to meet friends of the same age as me. To make new friends, with the world around.

    After each lesson, the children were able to ride their bicycles home by themselves, telling each other stories at school. This will become beautiful memories that will follow me forever.

    Here are the benefits of cycling to school. Thus, it can be seen that cycling to school brings a lot of benefits, right? Hurry up to the Bicycle Supermarket to choose the most suitable bike for you. We have a lot of special offers and promotions for our customers this summer.

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