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How to clean power-assisted bicycles to help them stay beautiful

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Do you know how to properly clean power-assisted bicycles? Probably to this question everyone will answer yes. But doing the right way to keep your car beautiful and durable, not everyone knows. ADO E-bike will guide you right below. Let's see!

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How to clean bike chains?

Many of you messaged ADO E-bike to ask about the fastest and most effective way to clean the bike chain. For many people, cleaning this part is quite difficult. So, how to properly wash bicycle chains will be as follows:

  1. Use a hose to remove dirt and grime from the chain. Note that you should choose the type of water spray nozzle at a moderate level. Do not use a hose with too high a pressure that can entrain parts and small details mounted on the vehicle.
  1. Gear the bike: the front chain is on the highest gear, the front chain is on the smallest. This makes cleaning the bike chain the easiest and most convenient.
  2. Then, use water and detergent to remove any remaining oil on the chain. This is how to wash bicycle chains that many people appreciate. Because hot water melts grease faster, cleaning is easier. Use a chain brush to clean the chain, paying attention to clean the chain link.
  3. How to wash bicycle chain? You can use biological cleaners. In particular, do not use alkaline or acidic chemicals that will cause the chain to corrode and be more prone to damage.
  4. After that, dry the chain and apply lubricating oil. Before oiling, make sure the chain is free of old grease and completely dry.

Cleaning the frame

The bicycle frame is a fairly simple cleaning part. You only need hot water and a regular detergent like dishwashing liquid or soap. This bike cleaning method should be noted when washing the frame, do not rub too hard. Will peel off the protective coating on the outside. Unsightly and your car is prone to rust in this area.

Clean the tubers before and after

To facilitate cleaning, you should remove the front and rear wheels. Then, use a dry cloth soaked in detergent solution to gently clean the gears.

Cleaning car brakes

Check your bike's brake safety. If too worn, it needs to be replaced. Or the brake does not work, it needs to be adjusted.

Note: The way to wash the bike in this part is only using a cloth or brush to clean it. Do not use hydraulic oil or lubricant on the brake. This makes your brakes less effective.

Clean the rear and front discs

This is the part that requires careful cleaning. Because it is very easy to install the wrong chain in the gear, causing the car to not work. You need to prepare tools to remove the gears.

For the most careful cleaning, you need to remove the cassette. Let's start removing the smallest gear to the largest gear. After cleaning, wait for them to dry and reassemble in the correct order. Finally, tighten the lock on the cassette.

Cleaning the wheel

How to wash a bicycle at the wheel is not complicated. You can use detergent and a brush to remove dirt from the wheels. During this process, keep an eye out for any problems with the tires. As the wear of the spikes or signs of damage to promptly replace.

After that, leave the car outside in a place with light sunlight and ventilation to drain the car.

Above is the best way to clean the power-assisted bicycle. Hope this article helps you get the most effective car wash. Good luck with your application!