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Standard bicycle tire pressure for power-assisted bicycles

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Áp suất lốp xe đạp tiêu chuẩn dành cho xe đạp trợ lực


For a power-assisted bike to operate smoothly and achieve the best performance, you cannot ignore the bicycle tire pressure. However, keeping your bicycle tires in top condition is not easy. If the tire is too small, the bike will be heavy, but if it is too tight, it will be more prone to shock. In this article, ADO E-bike will share all experiences related to bicycle pump pressure and how to properly inflate tires. Let's see!

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What is the correct tire pressure for a bicycle?

Bicycle tire pressure is the air pressure that is compressed in a bicycle tire. If the tires are inflated to the correct pressure, the tires will roll on the road with maximum efficiency.

There are many questions related to bicycle pump pressure such as: How many kg is the bicycle tire pump? How much Psi to pump a bicycle?...However, bicycle tire pressure, no matter what unit is measured in, must be a fixed number. Because it depends on many different factors such as road surface, body weight, purpose of use. However, in general we can base on the maximum tire pressure readings on the tire and subtract 10-20 pis to get the standard bicycle tire pressure for daily operation.

When the tire pressure is low, the car will absorb shock better, so it will be less bumpy. But it makes you feel heavier and more powerless when cycling. On the contrary, when the tire pressure is high, you will feel the car go more bumpy but also go faster and with less effort.

ADO's advice is to know how many kilograms the bicycle tires are? is the most suitable. You need to adjust bicycle tires to many different levels but still within the standard figure and experience. Then, the most suitable pressure level will be given to you.

Instructions on how to inflate bicycle tires

As standard, racing bike tire pressure is between 80 and 130 psi. Street bike tire pressure is between 50 - 70 psi and dirt bike tire pressure is between 25 - 35 psi.

Experience is to choose an average in this range and add and subtract your weight factor. The heavier you are, the more pressure you choose. For example, when riding a road bike, the standard tire pressure is from 80 - 130 pis, if you weigh about 50 kg, 80 pis should be moderate, but if you weigh 65 kg, you should choose 90 pis and 70 - 75 kg. should go 100pis.

However, it should be noted that the bicycle tire pressure should not be lower or higher than the standard announced by the company.

Some notes about bicycle tire pressure

Pay attention to the temperature factor:

Manufacturers usually declare tire pressure under standard temperature conditions. However, in Vietnam, the weather conditions in summer and winter are far different. Therefore, users need to pay attention to this factor. In the summer, when heated, the air inside expands by about 10%. Therefore, when pumping the car, you should deduct about this 10%.

Tires should not be over-inflated:

Many people think that: Should the bike pump pressure be high to go faster. However, when the tire is too inflated, the collision with the road surface is stronger. As a result, your car will break down faster.

Above is information about bicycle tire pressure. Hope the above information is useful to you, wish you successful application.

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