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What time should I ride a bike? How many minutes per day is best?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Nên đạp xe vào thời gian nào? Bao nhiêu phút mỗi ngày là tốt nhất?

Cycling is a method of exercise that is popular with many people because it is a sport suitable for all ages and is also very easy to practice. However, at what time and how many minutes per day should you ride a bike? Find out in the article below.

What time should I ride a bike?


When to ride a bike is a question that many people who use power bikes to practice are interested in. Experts have advised that cycling in the morning to bring the best effect to our health. Morning is the ideal time to start training, cycling helps our body burn a larger amount of calories than when we cycle at other times, especially if cycling in the morning we We can better control our weight, improve our health and have a more productive day of studying and working.


Should ride a power-assisted bicycle in the morning time

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Cycling in the morning also has a number of other advantages such as it can help us avoid the harsh hot weather of summer; or being able to avoid traffic jams or busy streets that can be challenging. Maintaining the habit of cycling in the morning also helps us to forge the habit of following our rules better.

Afternoon and evening

Afternoon and evening are also a reasonable answer to the question at what time of day should you ride a bike?

Afternoons and evenings can help us relax and relieve stress after a long day. This is also the time when many people choose to cycle because this time we have free time, and the weather will also be cooler and more pleasant.

What time of day should you cycle?

However, cycling at this time will be limited to busy people, appointments or family work may interfere with their daily practice.

So, when should you ride a bike? In the opinion of Bicycle Supermarket, the best time to cycle should be in the morning. This just helps you start a new day gently and relaxed. Exercising before going to work helps you have a more effective working day.

How many minutes should you cycle each day?

You should cycle for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes a day to have a healthy and fit body.

It is recommended to cycle for 30-60 minutes a day

If you only cycle for 30 minutes, it only makes the muscles warm up, the muscle bundles are elastic to help blood circulation and joints are more flexible.

Between 30 minutes and 60 minutes is the time to burn calories and excess fat. Thereby helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, blood fat, ...

In case you cycle for more than 60 minutes, it can cause exhaustion, affecting your health and joints.

Some notes when riding a power bike

When cycling, besides paying attention to when to pedal? When is the right time to ride a bike or how many minutes should I ride a day? You need to pay attention to other factors such as diet, rest, ...

Before cycling, you should eat lightly to ensure energy for the body. Avoid body fatigue and dizziness due to loss of strength. However, avoiding overeating will lead to a heavy body condition, which is not good for the training process and the stomach.

Need to replenish energy before cycling

During cycling, your body will lose water due to sweating, so the amount of water in your body will be deficient. Therefore, you should pay attention to replenish the body with the necessary amount of water. Bring a bottle of water to use during the ride.

After cycling, take a break so that you can have health to do other work. Do not exercise with too high intensity, it will lead to exhaustion, causing the body to fall into a state of fatigue and no longer have the spirit to work for the rest of the day.

So, you already know what time to cycle? How many minutes per day is best yet? It should be noted that the choice of time and duration of cycling depends a lot on the specific schedule of each person.

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