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Should pregnant women ride bicycles?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Mẹ bầu có nên đạp xe không?

According to the survey, pregnant women will need to pay attention to nutrition, reasonable sleep time, besides, the exercise regime is also an issue that pregnant women care about. Daily movement, exercise, and commuting will greatly affect the health and safety of your baby. Many people wonder: "Should a pregnant woman ride a bicycle ?". So let's find out more about this issue in the article below!

Should pregnant women ride a power-assisted bicycle?

Light exercise is what doctors recommend pregnant women do during pregnancy. Exercising by cycling with light intensity helps the birth process easy, improves edema. In particular, cycling also helps pregnant women improve their mood, relax the body and improve heart rate and sleep.

Should pregnant women ride bicycles?

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So, can pregnant women ride a bicycle? The answer is yes. So what are the benefits of cycling for pregnant women?

Benefits of cycling

  1. Good for the fetus

Studies have shown that regular exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on nervous system health and resistance.

  1. Reduce common problems during pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience back pain and fatigue. When riding a gentle power-assisted bicycle, the muscles and joints are stretched to help you feel more comfortable and comfortable.

  1. Increase power

Pregnant women, in addition to adequate nutrition, also need to exercise to prepare for easy labor. Cycling helps blood circulation, good for the heart, easier labor.

Tips for cycling

So, for the question, should pregnant women cycle? Can pregnant women ride a bicycle? The answer is yes.

However, during cycling, pregnant women need to adhere to some special notes such as:

  • Do not cycle continuously for more than 30 minutes without resting.
  • It is recommended to start cycling slowly and gradually increase the cycling time as you get more used to it.
  • Do not choose a car with a seat that is too high or the handlebars too far because that will make you stoop and press on the abdominal wall, very affecting the baby's health.
  • Do not ride on dangerous roads: bumpy roads, slippery roads, up and down steep slopes or roads with many obstacles.
  • Depending on the health status of you and the fetus to consider the time and timing of cycling is suitable for the fetus.
  • If you have a history of miscarriage or pregnancy, you should avoid cycling from the 7th month of pregnancy.
  • Do not over-ride, keep a close eye on your limit, provide water and food when needed, and make sure you always have a support person with you to avoid any worst-case scenario. during movement.
  • It is best to consult your doctor when you have any questions regarding your health. The doctor is the one who gives you scientific advice, the most accurate is whether you should continue cycling or should stop for 9 months.

Above is information about pregnant women should ride a bicycle? And the notes when cycling for pregnant women that ADo E-bike suggests for you. Hope you get the information useful and apply it successfully.