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How to ride a power bike to lose weight quickly

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Power-assisted cycling is considered a simple sport exercise method chosen by many people. However, many people still wonder if cycling can lose weight? Or how to quickly lose weight by cycling. Let's find the answer in this article!

Does cycling help lose weight?

Studies have shown that cycling is an effective way to exercise. Especially cycling helps to lose weight effectively. Cycling for 30-45 minutes daily helps burn a significant amount of excess fat in the body. Thanks to that, you will have a slim and balanced body if you have a reasonable and regular exercise regimen.

In addition, cycling also has great benefits for bones, joints, immune system, respiratory, cardiovascular, ...

So, does cycling help you lose weight? The answer is yes: If you practice regularly and scientifically for 30-45 minutes a day.

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How to ride a power bike to lose weight quickly

 Make a detailed plan

To lose weight by cycling you need a specific and detailed cycling plan. Pick a suitable time of day for cycling. Make sure to arrange a suitable schedule so that the practice is regular, regular without interruption.

Time to start: Should choose easy roads, short distances.

After 1-2 months when you get used to it: Increase the time and intensity of exercise to increase the amount of fat burned.

After each workout, rest well and eat well. At the same time, regularly monitor the indicators of the body to make timely adjustments to the exercise plan.

Choosing the right type of power bike

If you want to lose weight by cycling, you need to choose a dedicated sports bike instead of a regular fashion bike. You can consult the salesperson about arm length, saddle height, handlebars, height, weight to choose the most suitable bike to avoid pain during exercise. .

The trend of cycling to lose weight is gradually returning and the line of choice for many people is the off-road bike because it can be adjusted in size and mode easily.

Choose the right place

To be able to maintain the habit of cycling every day, you need to choose a place to practice that you love and are interested in. This will help motivate you to train harder. Places with fresh air, cool, lots of trees will be an ideal place for you to cycle every day.

Choose the most effective time

Cycling time depends largely on work and personal life. However, the most scientific time is in the morning when the air is fresher, making you feel comfortable when exercising, and at the same time creating a positive energy source, burning calories and excess fat. accumulated from the previous night. In addition, the evening is also a good time to ride a bicycle to lose weight.

Healthy eating mode

To own a slim and healthy body, in addition to exercise, you need to combine it with a reasonable diet. An effective way to lose weight by cycling is About 30 minutes before exercise, you should drink a glass of water to help purify the body. When cycling, drink water every 15 minutes, but only take small sips, avoid waiting until thirsty to drink.

At the end of the workout, you should only add starch to a moderate level, you can start your breakfast with yogurt, oats, banana or fruit juice. You should divide meals during the day with a menu full of protein, vitamins, and minimize sweets and fats.

Correct cycling posture

When losing weight with a bicycle, you should note that you should adjust your cycling posture so that it is comfortable, sit with your back straight, seat height appropriate, avoid straining or sitting forcefully. This kick will help burn fat in many areas of the body at the same time.

You should note that while cycling, you should not lean forward and then pedal hard because this may cause damage to the joints. At the same time, it is advisable to change the position of the hand from time to time with the handlebars to avoid cramping.

So, reading this far, you know Cycling can lose weight? And how to quickly lose weight by cycling. Hope the above information is really useful to you and helps you to build your own most suitable exercise plan.

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