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Improve your power cycling technique with 5 tips

by Vy Nhat on Jun 02, 2023

Nâng cao kỹ thuật đạp xe trợ lực với 5 mẹo nhỏ

Power-assisted cycling is a very good and convenient exercise method that is applied by many people. However, the technique of riding a power-assisted bicycle is not known to everyone and is done properly. If you are new to learning about exercise with a power bike, join us to improve your cycling technique with the 5 tips in the article below.

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Use the bottom handlebar handle

Most people when using power-assisted bicycles usually hold the upper handlebar. However, this practice is considered a common mistake. Sports power bikes often have upper and lower handlebars, when you hold the upper handlebar, the wind resistance will be higher than the lower handlebar.

Therefore, the standard cycling posture is the two hands holding the bottom handlebar, the body bent at an angle of 60 degrees, the back straight, parallel to the wind. When done correctly, you will see a noticeable reduction in wind resistance and when pedaling, you will also be lighter.

Prefer to use the rear brake rather than the front brake

It's the same with bicycles or motorbikes, you have been advised to use the rear brake every time you intend to stop and practice that habit whenever you brake hard. It has been proven in practice that when you are traveling at a fast speed with emergency braking using the front brake, you will face the risk of falling over because the car overturns before crashing into another person.

This happens because when you use the front brake, all the friction of the car is in front, the friction behind the car is zero, so the car is overturned. Instead, you should use the rear brake to stop the car safely.

Improve fitness

When cycling, you can both exercise in the most natural way and move everywhere. To improve your cycling technique, you can increase the intensity of your power-assisted cycling by pedaling at higher speeds for longer distances.

If you feel too tired to follow, you can increase it gradually. For example, every day you go 20km/h, tomorrow you can increase it to 22km/h, the day after tomorrow to 24km/h,...and so on gradually.

Stretch before cycling

If you have allowed your body to rest after a long time, when returning to a new intensity, before cycling you must stretch or warm up before cycling. Do not underestimate the warm-up because many people have suffered unexpected injuries while cycling and become accidents later.
You can do simple warm-up exercises to stretch your muscles, not necessarily professional warm-ups. Regardless of whether you use a home bike, you need to stretch your muscles before using it.

Massage after every bike ride

If you increase cycling every day for about 3 hours, you should also spend 30 minutes when returning home to massage your feet. This movement will help you relax your muscles, rest and increase blood circulation after having to work hard for 3 hours continuously.

It can be said that exercise with bicycles is gradually being done by many people because of the benefits this job brings. Hopefully with the tips to help improve your cycling technique with the 5 tips in the above article, you can have a strong and durable health.

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