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How long and how many kilometers should you ride a power bike per day?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 02, 2023

Nên đạp xe trợ lực bao lâu và bao nhiêu km mỗi ngày

In this time of industrialization and modernization, most people choose for themselves the fastest and most modern means of transportation that have forgotten the existence of cycling. So how long and how many kilometers per day should you cycle? What are the best-selling power bikes in the first half of 2023? Let's learn more about ADO E-bike through the article below.

How long and how many kilometers should you ride a power bike per day?

As you know, a person who has a habit of cycling daily can help him improve his cardiovascular and lung problems; gain muscle and reduce excess body fat and keep your spirits up and happy all day long.

However, how long and how many kilometers should you ride a power bike per day to get the above effect? This time depends a lot on the pedaling process as well as the needs of each person for exercise cycling. Most, for beginners, choose to cycle for about 30 minutes a day. This time is enough to warm up the body as well as relax the mind.

If you only have the purpose of cycling to keep fit, practice endurance as well as relieve pressure at work, you can choose to ride an exercise bike for about 30 to 60 minutes. minutes per day. With this period of time, neither too long nor too short, you can travel about 12 to 15 km.

For those of you who have become a habit and have a certain amount of experience, you can cycle with a higher intensity. A day you can pedal up to 3 hours, equivalent to a distance of about 20 to 25 km depending on the speed and habits of each person.

A very important note to all exercise bikers: you should not go a distance or cycle too fast just to complete the goal, if you feel too much, take a break. You can gradually increase the intensity of your cycling so that they bring the most efficiency.

Some of the best-selling power-assisted bicycles in the first half of 2023

With the advantages of cycling activities, more and more people are interested in cycling and the quality they bring. In the first half of 2023, these models have "stormed" the market:

ADO D30 Lite sports power-assisted bicycle

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When it comes to sports bikes, it is impossible to ignore the ADO D30 Lite bike that is popular with many consumers. With the advantage of being rich in car models, you can absolutely choose for yourself at least 2 favorite models right from the first time. In addition, they are also rated 5 stars quality.

ADO A20 Lite sports power-assisted bicycle

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For connoisseurs of sports bikes, no one does not know about ADO power-assisted bicycles with modern and professional production lines. ADO sports bikes have many types for you to choose from. In addition, with a lightweight yet sturdy chassis, the car can withstand pressure up to nearly 100kg.

It can be said that how long and how many kilometers should be cycled each day depends largely on the needs and health of each person. Hopefully the above information of ADO E-bike can help you get the right cycling intensity.