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Safe cycling tips for the elderly

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Mẹo đạp xe an toàn cho người lớn tuổi

In advanced age, the elderly often suffer from arthritis, which leads to declines in mobility as well as cycling. Cycling increases the heart rate but can also bring damage to the body. Let's learn with ADO E-bike about cycling tips for older people to limit damage to joints and muscles!

  1. Protect the knees

When the knee rolls in or out, the kneecap won't be able to move as smoothly as it could. This can have negative effects on cartilage, especially in patients with a history of inflammation. So keep your knees steady, keeping your thighs and shins in a straight line when pedaling.

Product reference:

Choose a power-assisted bike with a saddle away from the handlebars to improve your knee mobility. Sitting too close to the handlebars shifts your knees, creating discomfort while cycling.

  1. Bike well maintained

You should choose new cars that are suitable for your body. A bike of the right size for you will be safe and limit the pain when practicing. The wide saddle will help you improve balance along with more comfort.

And do not forget to regularly check and maintain the vehicle periodically to avoid accidents from equipment breakdown during your journey.

  1. Cycling in groups

Experiencing cycling with family, friends or a group will help you maintain good mental health and reduce cognitive decline.

In addition, you will have more motivation to practice regularly and be more persistent when you have a companion. Helps improve your social skills and even contributes to your confidence.

  1. Provide adequate nutrients for the body

Make sure you have enough carbohydrates before any of your journeys. A balanced, nutritious diet is always the key to keeping your body full of energy.

  1. Effective rest

After training sessions, the body always needs adequate rest to regenerate energy as well as relax muscles. In particular, the quality of sleep plays an essential role during rest to bring the highest efficiency.

Avoid overstressing your body, leading to burnout, affecting performance, causing injuries and accidents.

Exercise is always a useful method for you to have a healthy and happy life. It's never too late to start exciting experiences, so change the quality of your life today.