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Common pain when cycling and how to overcome it

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Các cơn đau thường gặp khi đạp xe và cách khắc phục

During the practice of cycling, mountain biking, you will inevitably experience aches and pains from parts of the body. The cause of pain comes from the selection and parameters of the bike that are not suitable for the rider, or the wrong posture… ADO E-bike will share with you about common pain when riding a bike. ride along with the remedy!

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  1. Lower back pain

You always get shares asking you to choose the right car for your height and arm span without really understanding their importance. Then the cause is due to lower back pain stemming from them, accompanied by poor cycling posture, or your spine health is not good.

To overcome this situation, you need to carry out the calibration of the car to suit yourself. Especially for enthusiasts and regular bikers, cyclists, and mountain bike enthusiasts.

Most cyclists tend to lean forward, with long arms to hold the handlebars… you need to correct your riding posture right away. You can learn from reliable sources, or ask people with long experience to correct them.

To keep your cycling experiences enjoyable, always pay attention to the smallest details!

  1. Hot, tingling in toes

The cause of hot and tingling toes is determined by your cycling shoes being too tight.

Preparing a pair of sports shoes, suitable for cycling activities is extremely necessary. Because when your shoes are too tight, the shoes will restrict the nerves between the soles of the feet, making the blood unable to circulate, causing numbness and tingling in the feet.

To overcome this situation, you need to choose for yourself a pair of sports shoes that fit, and best fit your foot shape. In order for the training activities to be effective and not cause problems in the future

  1. Knee hurts

Knee pain is a fairly common problem for regular cyclists, there are many causes of knee pain that you need to be aware of.

The height of the saddle is too low or the distance to the handlebars is too far is the most basic cause of this condition. You need to adjust your bike to fit your body size.

Knee pain from the inside: Even if you've calibrated your bike or you've stopped cycling but still find the pain is not relieved, it may be because your body has had a previous injury and cycling makes aggravated injury. You need to check your knee health and get timely treatment before it gets worse.

  1. Hand numbness

When you put too much weight, pressure on the arm for a long time, it is easy to lead to hand numbness. Try increasing the height of the handlebars to compensate for the pressure, or move the hand position to the top of the handlebars.

In addition, you can also use movable cuffs and gloves to reduce the affected area in your hand.

  1. saddle

The saddle when the width is suitable for the hip bone, the same length as the body size will be the perfect conditions for you to have the best cycling experience. You may not need to put too much emphasis on saddle cushioning to provide comfort.

When the saddle is too wide, it causes uncomfortable rubbing. And when the saddle is too narrow, it can cause damage to sensitive parts.

In addition, you should note that you should not exercise too much, exceed your tolerance limit to avoid muscle pain.

Choosing a companion that suits your needs such as mountain bike, sport bike, street bike will bring you the excitement of daily practice, endurance training and effective health improvement. fruit.

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