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Benefits of cycling for the elderly

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

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In recent years, in developed countries, the proportion of elderly people cycling has increased to 22%. For the elderly, participating in sports often encounters many obstacles in terms of flexibility. But with a sport bike, this is a process of endurance exercise that brings many benefits. Let ADO E-bike share the benefits not to be missed below!

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  1. Healthy physical activity for the elderly

Compared to other sports such as jogging, cycling helps energy and nutrients to be transported evenly to cartilage, reducing the risk of arthritis. In addition, the muscles will be moved more gently, with less force on the knees and ankles.

Cycling every day is also a suitable physical exercise for the elderly, especially when the body has reached the aging stage. Helps keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy

  1. Increase endurance

During cycling, your whole body also participates in the activity. Exercising regularly, helps you maintain your physique and effectively strengthen your body.

Cycling can actually slow down the aging process of the body. You can burn 300 calories per hour of cycling, which boosts your metabolism, which means that even when you're resting, your body still burns calories.

  1. Maintain mental health

Cycling is a great exercise to combat symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. During exercise, the concentration of serotoin, dopamine and phenylethylamine - hormones help you feel excited, happy, alert and satisfied with life. In addition, blood flow increases the efficiency of oxygen transport to organs in the body, including the brain.

In particular, cycling in groups, family or friends is also a good method of relaxation, confidence support and effective social communication.

  1. Good for the heart and immune system

Cycling regularly helps you improve heart health by 3-7% compared to normal. Cholesterol levels are kept stable, especially for men. With every 30 minutes of cycling, you also reduce your risk of diabetes and other health problems such as kidney, skin and eye diseases.

Cycling also increases life expectancy. People who regularly use bicycles every day also have a lower risk of death, cardiovascular disease and cancer than non-cyclists.

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  1. Good for the brain

Mental activities such as vocabulary use, processing speed, memory and reasoning tend to decline with age. Scientists say that people who exercise regularly for 30 minutes on a stationary bike have a good ability to memorize, use reasoning and strategize after exercise.

Gray matter and white matter volume also decrease with age. Cycling can increase both white matter and visual matter, especially in the areas of the brain responsible for memory control. It also helps improve the growth of nerve cells, maintaining the ability to learn.

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