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Green lifestyle - Using bicycles to move

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Lối sống xanh - Sử dụng xe đạp di chuyển

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, research has shown that if people use bicycles at least once a week, it will reduce CO2 emissions as well as reduce global warming by 20%. bridge. This number will increase as the habit of cycling is spread to everyone. Let's learn more about green action to protect the environment by bicycle!

1. Bicycles and health

Our living environment, namely the earth is warming every alarm bell through floods, wildfires as well as air pollution, this has many effects on lungs and respiratory causing many diseases. like cancer.

Cycling helps improve cardiovascular health effectively, always keeps the spirit excited as well as has an impact on the ideal body when with only 60 minutes of cycling, the body will burn 600 calories.

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  • According to studies, the habit of cycling also helps children remember longer, along with better independence than sedentary children.

    2. Bicycles and emissions

    According to the University of North Carolina's Center for Highway Safety Research, 60 percent of pollutants come from motor vehicles starting within the first few minutes. So bicycles should be a priority when you are close to 1.3 billion cubic meters of emissions from a motorcycle.

    You can choose for yourself the bike that suits your personal use needs. For those who love a strong personality and are passionate about speed, they can choose for themselves sports bikes , mountain bikes with high specifications to be able to arouse excitement when cycling.

    Parents can choose street bikes, children's sports for children's independent start with the need to go to school or play and practice to form good habits.

    3. Bicycles and living space

    If you have been living in big cities, it is impossible to forget the obsession with traffic jams at off-hours due to the amount of traffic being too much but the roads are somewhat narrow even though the construction work has not stopped. infrastructure through cutting down trees - green lungs play the role of purifying the living air of all living things.

    In addition, the use of chemicals to make sugar also contributes to destroying our own living environment, increasing the earth's temperature ...

    With a convenient compact bike, you can move quickly on the roads along with saving living space extremely conveniently.

    Bicycles also give you more of a quality of life experience, so don't hesitate to try a new challenge – the challenge of going green using a bike for at least 1 day a week!

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