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5 Things That Make Your Cycling More Exciting

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

5 Điều khiến đạp xe của bạn thêm thú vị

Daily cycling will bring you a lot of benefits from inside the body to contributing to better environmental protection. Daily cycling with high intensity will sometimes be interrupted for objective reasons. So let ADO E-bike help you find the motivation to make cycling every day more enjoyable and effective!

1. Training according to the method of "sprint sprinting"

Cycling according to the sprint method will be a training method that helps you improve the health of each muscle group of your body as well as your own pedaling speed, and more especially, enhances your ability to conquer challenges. during cycling.

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One method that helps you to perform sprint training is at intersections, you calculate the length of the segment and the time when the red light stops and conquers the challenge. And after the ramp, you can take advantage of the short time to wait for the green light to recover.

ADO believes that mapping out this method of sprint training will help you enjoy your cycling journey.

2. Recovery time

To combine with the "sprint sprint" method, you always need time to recover energy. Let's take the traffic conditions along with the signal lights to design for yourself a fun exercise method!

When cycling to work every day you can sprint with traffic light journeys during specific times and stop at red light times.

You can flexibly change the sprint time as well as the recovery time to ensure your journey always has its own interesting things.

3. Regulate "beat"

During the pedaling process to increase the effectiveness of your exercise, you need to have a harmonious combination of the functions of the bike as well as techniques such as stabilizing the upper body in the saddle to limit the vibrations when moving.

Regulating the rhythm when cycling will help you improve your health and cycling technique in a short time. Long-lasting increase in endurance and speed.

4. Wake up early and start the journey

Waking up early in the morning will give you a comfortable day to prepare for your journeys without rushing. Especially when you choose to cycle to work, exercise for your health and avoid the uncomfortable rush hour.

You can easily ride a bike on a safe and open road, without a lot of dust, which is great, isn't it?

5. Enjoy a delicious post-workout meal

One of the motivations that can't be ignored is rewarding yourself with a delicious meal after a period of hard training, which helps you to work hard and ready to take on the challenge every day. .

But remember to eat in moderation to ensure the body does not become too heavy or gain weight quickly!