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"Lat" the way with ADO power-assisted bicycles

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

“Lạt” lối cùng xe đạp trợ lực ADO

How many times have I come because of going to that city. The city that people often call thousands of flowers, or full of dew... That place is now developing a lot of tourism, it's crowded every weekend. So is it still peaceful and poetic?

Nature in Da Lat, even the smallest, always has a very strong soul and vitality!

For me, it is easy to be able to enjoy the deposits that Da Lat still retains or even though it is new, somewhere the peace for travelers is not lacking.

As everyone knows I am a sports lover and enjoy cycling. Also because I understand the spiritual and health value that the power bike brings to me is really valuable. Going to any city in the country, I also want to ride a bicycle and walk slowly to listen to the breath of that place deeply. Maybe it's because I'm a girl who likes foreign love literature? In countries like the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, the UK... people ride bicycles a lot and sometimes it's the main means of transport. I think in Vietnam the type of tourism and the habit of cycling is difficult to return to the old days. But I have a belief that you will come to bicycles more. So today I continue to talk about the pleasure of cycling around Da Lat city.

City of thousands of flowers with a "divine" bicycle

The sleeper bus departs at 11pm from Saigon, my "iron horse" is in the basement without having to disassemble any details, just leaning her into the tunnel. Bed ticket to Da Lat is 210k and bike 90k.

In Da Lat this trip, the part of wanting to ride a bicycle is the main thing, so I did not visit the major tourist attractions, but also reviewed a few coffee and dining spots for everyone. But those of you who have never ridden a bike to try the slope, try the hill, also wonder if a normal cheap mountain bike can be pedaled?

How will you start your journey with an ADO power bike?

When we arrived at "home stay", we were welcomed by the owner with a hot and crispy fried dough with pickled radish and eggs. Also because the cold air is delicious even the simplest food?! I love it so much, it also comes with a cup of hot artichoke tea, starting a new day with quality.

Product reference:

Power-assisted bicycle ADO D30C

Power bike ADO D30 Lite

Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S VEHICLE

Da Lat this season is rainy, the drizzle also makes people's heart numb, cycling outside in the rain sees people running motorbikes wearing raincoats, but it's okay for people to tremble. And I'm cycling so it's hot to death, lol. Not afraid of drizzling rain, falling softly just enough to get wet on the hair and shirt... Fortunately, the car has front and rear guards, so I don't have to worry about splashing like a few times, hihi, elegant fun is also There must be preparation, right?

One day lost in Lat city by bicycle is just that. Enough for many aftertaste to linger, and I will definitely come back many more times to explore Da Lat with a new perspective and mood. With a love bicycle, I can explore everywhere in the most quiet way, but not only Da Lat, my hometown also has many interesting points.