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4 tips to pick up the car and ride to the cave and alley in Da Lat

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

4 bí kíp xách xe lên và đạp tận hang cùng ngõ hẻm Đà Lạt

Since Da Lat had Lam Vien Square, people's families went out there to check-in with lotus buds and sunflowers. Instead of just standing to check in like many people, why don't you try cycling and experience the feeling of riding in such a large space.

There are 4 notes that are also 4 super unique experiences that only you will know when you pick up the car and pedal:

1. Which sport bike to choose for the mountain city?

Da Lat is known as a city on the plateau, of course there are slopes, hills, and valleys. That is, the terrain here is very rolling up and down suddenly. More than a girl's curve, it's dizzying up and down for a while. So you will have to use a sport bike with a speedometer, roughly with many discs and lips to change the way of pedaling properly, without losing too much strength. Wheels and sidewalls are also key points. According to Ms. Phung - a semi-specialized MTB player, we should choose the MTB ribs and the tires must have slight spikes, the version is wide enough.

2. Fashion and health before starting the journey

Although the weather is very cool, it is also erratic. This spring is sunny and hot, it's also hot to ride for a long time because it gives off heat, so the clothes must also be reasonable, but you can't wear a cold coat and hold it, but it takes effort to stop and take off. But too much brake background is not warm enough. With the air here is also a bit thin, it will be difficult for those who are not used to playing sports, poor breathing, will always feel like lack of breath. Get a better breath by taking a deep breath through both your nose and mouth, exhaling slowly the same way.

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3. The king's law loses to the village law - Be careful with the traffic habits of natives

Traffic in Da Lat is famous for being the only city in Vietnam without red lights. But that's not why you're messing around. The experience of the people here is that driving is quite "innocent like a fairy", like to turn is to turn, like to stop is to stop, stop even in the middle of the road to catch the phone, like fast is fast, slow is slow. So many collisions happen, fortunately the city is small and cannot accelerate quickly, so there are not many unfortunate accidents. Bicyclists like us must always dodge and be on the lookout. Don't forget another thing: you must wear a helmet when participating in traffic.

4. Bicycle or mountain bike

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