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How to make cycling a family concern?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Làm thế nào để đạp xe thành mối quan tâm chung của cả gia đình?

With today's busy life, getting family members to ride a bike together seems to be very difficult. Especially with small members. One of the first things parents need to do is to help their children find joy and enjoyment when riding a power bike and conquering different challenges. Let's go with ADO E-bike to find the key to arouse the excitement from power-assisted bicycles of all members of your family right away!

  1. Leave a good impression on power-assisted bicycles from a young age

When you are passionate about cycling but your baby is too young to be able to ride after you, then let your baby be a companion on the back seat, together with you to discover the interesting things from cycling. You can take your baby around the neighborhood, meet friends, neighbors ... through which you will both exercise with light intensity and spread the love of bicycles to children.

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    1. Choosing the right children's bike for your child

    As you get older, you can let your child ride on safe paths in the yard, in the neighborhood, and even at the park near your house. When choosing children's bicycles, you should choose for them the ones that are suitable for the child's height and size.

    Parents often think that buying a car bigger than their child is to save it for later days. However. Large bicycles often make it difficult for children to practice as well as keep their balance. In order for children to enjoy and protect their bicycles, let them contribute to the selection of their own children's bicycles.

    1. Make a plan to attract children

    With a process of training too intense will make children feel heavy. Instead, let your child explore slowly with skills from basic to more difficult levels, such as walking small distances and progressing to conquering steep and hilly terrains.

    Through cycling, children will learn good independence, so don't forget to teach them the steps to take care of your bike. Through cycling, parents will have a lot of interesting topics to discuss with their children in their spare time.

    1. Let your child ride his bike to school by himself

    Your child's cycling fun is getting more and more interesting, when he has the opportunity to show off to his friends when he rides to school. Parents can choose bicycles for students here

    Research from George Washington University shows that what makes a sport more enjoyable is finding companions, and joining a larger playing field.

    1. Let your baby be accompanied in the family race

    Children often learn very quickly from the influence of those around them, especially from family members. Don't hesitate to show your child's driving experience, and don't forget to guide him safely!

    1. Prepare enough food and water for all journeys

    Children are extremely active so they often feel hungry quickly and lack energy during each journey. Therefore, always prepare extra food and water to be able to timely replenish energy for children.

    If parents are worried that their children will consume too much energy after exercising, leading to obesity, then choose a reasonable menu because cycling helps burn energy effectively. Do not force children to be too hungry, this will make them want to give up exercise and sit in a corner playing video games.

    1. Let your kids take care of their own bicycles

    Good habits always bring positive effects, and so does cycling. As children love and discover the joy of cycling, they also need to learn to love and care for their own. At this time, to show the growth and independence of the child, parents should let the child maintain the car by himself.

    Please contact ADO E-bike immediately , so that we can help you choose the right power-assisted bike to suit your needs!