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How to keep balance when riding a power bike, pocket it right away

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Cách giữ thăng bằng khi đi xe đạp trợ lực, bỏ túi ngay bí quyết cực hay

  1. Benefits of keeping balance while cycling

1.1. Learn to ride a power bike faster

Keeping balance is the first lesson you need to learn if you want to know how to ride a power bike. When you know how to keep your balance, it will gradually become a skill for you to easily control your power bike.

1.2. Drive safe

Once you learn how to stay safe, it will be easier for you to steer the power steering to your liking. Especially when moving on rough roads, many obstacles or slippery, you still do not fall.

  1. How to keep balance when riding a power bike

2.1. Warm up your body before riding a power bike

Every time you practice sports, you need to warm up your body. For cycling, do a full-body warm-up. Warm up well at the wrist joints, hip joints and legs. These movements bring flexibility and flexibility to the body in the process of balancing when cycling .

Photo: Warm up before practicing balance on the bike

2.2. Use your body weight to regain balance on the bike

An effective way to balance on a bicycle is to use your foot to swing the handlebars to the right and left, but still keep both the person and the vehicle from falling. Every time the car tilts, you will be able to balance with your body weight.

Photo: Using body weight to regain balance for bicycles

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2.3. Using a pivot foot

The next effective bike balance you should not miss is using a tripod. The bicycle supermarket will teach you how to balance when riding a bicycle using the footrest as follows.

You define the supporting leg as the bearing leg and place it on the ground. The other foot rests on the pedal. When starting to cycle, the upper foot presses on the pedal, the foot on the ground pushes gently to create momentum for the bike to go forward.

2.4. Cycling forward

Cycling boldly forward is an effective way to balance on a bicycle . Because when the car moves at too slow a speed will make you easily lose your balance and easily fall over.

2.5. Keep calm

Mental confidence and stability is an important way to balance a bicycle but is overlooked by many people. Anxiety and stress make your limbs frantic, making it difficult to keep a good balance.

What you should do is regain your composure, relax your body and pedal forward. If possible, you can ask for support by keeping behind.

Photo: Keep calm

3. Some notes on how to balance when riding a bike

  • It is necessary to wear full protective equipment such as helmets, pillow cushions, elbows, ...
  • Children learning to balance should have adult supervision
  • Choose a well-ventilated and flat area to practice balancing
  • You can practice with other people for more motivation
  • Stay calm, focused, and look ahead, not down to your feet or the wheel.

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