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Experience riding a sport powered bicycle

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Kinh nghiệm đi xe đạp trợ lực thể thao

Today's sports power-assisted bicycles are not like the Japanese mini-bikes or Phoenix bicycles that we once knew. Therefore, you will inevitably be surprised when riding a sports power bike, so how to ride a sports power bike properly? ADO E-bike would like to share some experiences to help you ride a sports power bike with high efficiency and have great journeys with your power bike!

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    - Check the bike: Get in the habit of checking the tires, saddle, and brakes to see if they are firm and secure? Checking your brakes and tires is especially important if you're on rough roads, going uphill or downhill to keep you safe.

    - Wear a helmet every time you ride a bike to keep you safe.

    - If you have to frequently ride a bicycle at night, you should equip a signal light to make it easy to ride as well as to ensure your safety when participating in traffic.

    - You should also choose clothes that fit and are comfortable, don't wear clothes that are too tight or too tight that will make you feel uncomfortable and quickly lose strength.


    Cycling is not just sitting on the bike and cycling, but you need to pay attention to the pedaling posture. If you ride a bicycle with the wrong posture, it leads to low pedaling performance, quickly losing strength, prone to back pain, leg pain, knee pain and many other injuries.

    Standard cycling posture is : you really feel comfortable when sitting on your power bike. Therefore, keep a balanced sitting posture, handle the handlebars comfortably, do not hold too tight, so relax your wrists, place your elbows slightly, widen your shoulders, in the process of cycling your two hands will combine with your back. and shoulders to support the body to gently dip into the vibration of the car, both reducing the pressure on the wrist as well as reducing the shock of the car when encountering bad roads. Practice breathing through your mouth and breathing through your nose.

    - You should change your driving position such as standing up when the car is climbing uphill to avoid back and buttocks pain, ...

    - During cycling, if you have pain in your front knee, it means that you leave the saddle low compared to the length of your feet, while when your knee hurts in the back, it is because you have muscle tension due to the saddle. too high. Therefore, regularly observe your body to adjust the saddle accordingly.

    How to use the sprocket for each terrain : This is considered one of the most easily damaged parts in the bike groupset. Therefore, ADO recommends that you do not use small discs - small cassettes or large forks - large cassettes because you will accidentally damage the transmission due to the inhomogeneity of the forces acting on them.

    Depending on the terrain of the road, you adjust the sprocket so that the transmission makes full use of it.

    ADO power-assisted bicycles are usually equipped with a speed changer consisting of 3 forks and 8 gears.

    - When cycling uphill or rough roads, you should use: Fork 1 + Gear 1 or gear 2 or gear 3, so that the bike moves gently, with little effort.

    - When cycling on straight and smooth roads, you should use: Fork 2 + gear 4 or gear 5 or gear 6 to move the bike at a steady speed.

    - When you need to increase speed you should use: Fork 3 + gear 7 or gear 8 or 9 to make the car go faster.

    ADO E-bike power-assisted bicycle rack

    NOTE : If in the process of changing gears, your cassette accidentally gets stuck in a certain gear or cassette, you should get off the bike and do not try to pedal because it may cause the chain link to break, and the gear to be chipped. At this point, you need to release the pedal backwards and shift back to the old gear, putting the chain back in place on the teeth of the forks and cassettes.

    - Whenever stopping, remember to put your left foot down first, this will help you avoid the grease on the forks from sticking to your foot.

    - When you ride a bicycle, your body weight is placed on the saddle and private area, your legs will support very little gravity, sitting and cycling for too long will cause the nerves to be compressed, the blood will not circulate. Therefore, you should not cycle for more than 1 hour without rest, it will be very harmful to health.

    Regular maintenance of power-assisted bicycles

    After riding for a while, some bicycle components become dirty, dry, greasy, make strange noises... this will lead to the bike's operation no longer smooth and accurate. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of the basic parts of the bike: frame, chain, sprocket, brake, wheel is essential to help your bike last longer. , perform better and avoid unwanted damage.

    When braking the bicycle:

    - To stop the car quickly, we often have the habit of squeezing the front brake rather than squeezing the rear brake. However, when moving on flat roads, especially slippery roads, squeezing the front brake will easily cause wheel slip. Therefore, it is best to squeeze both the rear and front brakes at the same time to make it easier to control the car and avoid slippery risks.

    Dear ADO E-bike, wish you all great trips!