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Instructions for correct cycling posture, no back pain

by Vy Nhat on Jun 02, 2023

Hướng dẫn tư thế đạp xe đúng cách, không đau lưng

Cycling is a very good and convenient exercise method that is applied by many people. However, the technique of cycling is not known and done properly by everyone. If you are new to learning about exercise with power-assisted bicycles, let's learn with ADO E-bike how to guide the correct cycling posture.

The benefits of cycling

Vietnam in general and large cities in the country in particular are facing a great risk of environmental pollution, each person can inhale thousands of toxic gases into the lungs every day. Instead of lying at home and breathing in air conditioning, you should go out, riding an exercise bike will help your lungs get a lot of exercise.

If you are stressed about weight problems, losing weight is not successful, you can find the method of cycling exercise. When cycling, the body can burn a certain amount of fat thanks to high-intensity activity. From there, it helps you lose excess fat, increase muscle for abs, thighs and calves.

There are quite a few people who, when experiencing mood problems such as stress, stress, and sadness, often choose to relax by listening to music or watching movies. Instead of reducing stress in such a closed environment, you can go out on an exercise bike to both reduce stress and also train your eyesight.

Cancer is one of the diseases of the present century because there are many people suffering from this disease and there is no cure for it. According to the British National Health Organization, cycling is one of the solutions to help limit the risk of serious diseases related to heart, lung and cancer.

Through research on cycling with more than 260000 people, the University of Glasgow has changed the mind and caused millions of people to start practicing the habit of cycling exercise. Because within 5 years, people in the study were able to cut their risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer in half by cycling every day.

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Instructions on how to ride a bike properly

Posture when cycling speed up

With this way, let's just ride the bike as usual, when it's the turn of the foot to step backwards, slightly lift the foot off the pedal or not off the pedal. This will be very effective when you want to start accelerating, climbing steep slopes or sprinting to the finish line. At the same time, you also need to put more force into the front pedal foot.

Relaxed riding posture

This is the least effortful way because you just need to raise your back foot and you're done and the front foot is in a resting state, no need to press down on the pedal. This seems to be the opposite of normal driving. Instead of pressing hard on the front pedal as usual, you will use less force to raise the foot on the back pedal. This method is often used when walking, running or commuting every day.

Posture for fast and durable cycling

Use the second way to grow up and mainly develop in the rotation, so you need to try to move faster. Here t will use inertia to maintain and develop speed. This way will not take too much effort, but only requires little effort to accelerate the rotation, so it should be used to run sustainably. This method is very popular with professional racing athletes when running long distances.

Those are some of the correct cycling posture guidelines we want to share to help you release inertia and make the process of cycling easier. Hope the information provided above is really helpful to you. Thank you for reading the article of ADO E-bike!