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7 notes to be sure when traveling by power-assisted bicycles through Vietnam

by Vy Nhat on Jun 02, 2023

7 lưu ý cần nắm chắc khi đi phượt bằng xe đạp trợ lực xuyên Việt
  1. Make a specific schedule

Any long-distance trip needs to be scheduled in a specific and detailed way. This will help you stay proactive in every situation. Please make a specific schedule about the way to go, where to rest. Learn more about each road to see if there are any difficulties or challenges.

Besides, do not forget to check the weather forecast to prepare appropriate furniture and items. If the road does not have an ATM, the experience of cycling is that you should bring cash to use when needed.

  1. Mental preparation and good health

Cycling over a long distance for many days so you need to prepare yourself for good health. Before the trip, you should exercise regularly to have endurance and flexibility, especially the back, hips and legs.

Supplement with adequate nutrition and prepare well mentally. Remind yourself during your trip that there may be some unexpected things happening. However, keep your spirits up to find ways to overcome and overcome challenges. These things make your trip more meaningful and memorable.

  1. Choose the right vehicle

In this trip, bicycle will be the most important companion. Therefore, choose the right bike for you. First of all, the right type of bike. Bicycles are vehicles specifically designed for cycling. So the car is structured to serve the maximum for users with this need such as: The car has a frame that can withstand a large load so you can carry a lot of stuff, thick tires to limit punctures and flexible use on many different types of vehicles. topographic.

Then, choose the right vehicle for your body height. To keep you comfortable during long journeys

  1. Prepare the necessary furniture

So that you can fully enjoy this journey. The experience of riding a power-assisted bicycle is that you need to be fully equipped with necessary personal items such as: Clothes, raincoats, sunscreen, shoes, hats, phones, cash, identification papers, lights. the battery, …

In addition, cycling for a long time makes you feel exhausted and thirsty. Therefore, bring food and water to replenish when needed. Bring food that does not need to be refrigerated and can be used for a long time.

Bicycle repair kits are essential when riding a power bike. On the way there are deserted areas, you cannot find help from people around. The repair kit will help you fix the basic problems of your bike.

  1. Learn basic bike repair skills

When traveling by bicycle, the more you know how to repair your bike, the more you save money, time and energy. This skill helps you solve difficult situations on empty roads, without help.

  1. Check, repair and maintain the bike before the trip

Bicycles need to be safe and perform at their best before a long trip. Therefore, you should carefully check all the parts on the car. Especially tires, transmissions and brakes,... Any damaged or problematic parts need to be repaired and replaced. Car maintenance before the trip helps the car to limit unnecessary damage on the road.

  1. Traveling in groups

The experience of riding a powered bicycle is to follow the group. When traveling in groups, you will get support and help each other. At the same time, this is also a great source of spiritual encouragement when you feel tired or discouraged.

However, when traveling by bicycle in groups, members need to have an exchange and agreement with each other before each trip. For example, the distance, resting place, rest time, food problems, ... To avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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