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Instructions for washing electric bicycles properly

by Vy Nhat on Jun 01, 2023

Hướng dẫn rửa xe đạp điện trợ lực đúng cách

Surely you are not too familiar with electric power-assisted bicycles. Their use is gradually becoming a regular part of our lives. However, many customers still do not understand correctly about power-assisted bicycles, especially in product maintenance. With the current changing weather, the heavy rains cause dirt and mud on the roads, making the cars visibly dirty, worse, affecting the engine.

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Therefore, car maintenance and cleaning is essential. But unlike traditional bicycles or motorbikes, electric power-assisted bicycles have a completely different design, leading to different cleaning methods. There have been many cases where the store received customer feedback about the car stalling, engine failure after car washing. We are also very sorry. Because the price of these cars is obviously not cheap, such incidents are not worth happening.

For that reason, today we send you instructions on how to properly wash your electric bicycle.

  1. What to use for washing?

In theory, any type of cleaning tool can be used to wash electric bicycles. However, optimally, we recommend using a high-powered nozzle set to ensure the best washing ability. Comes with a dry towel and specialized cleaning solution. The use of inappropriate washing water can lead to rust and unnecessary damage to the vehicle.

  1. Car wash steps

First, prepare:

  1. Fix the vehicle to a fixed position. You can mount it against the wall, or better yet, a fixed chassis. Avoid turning the vehicle upside down or placing it horizontally as the engine can get wet
  2. Turn off the engine, remove the battery. This ensures the safety of both you and the vehicle

Next, proceed to the car wash step:

  1. Use the spray from the top down to gently shake off the dirt from the car. Avoid spraying directly on the gearbox, electrical panel, engine, fork because they are easily damaged by high pressure.
  2. Use the cleaner to spray the entire car. Rest assured because they are specialized products for electric power-assisted bicycles
  3. Wash. Use a brush with not too stiff bristles to scrub stubborn stains. Be gentle, you don't want scratches on your beautiful car. At the same time, regularly rinse the brush to prevent stains from falling back into the crevices and recesses.
  4. Wait 4-5 minutes for the cleaning solution to do its job. In the meantime you can go have a cup of tea, for example
  5. After waiting 5 minutes, wash off the cleaning solution and start working on the details