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6 simple steps to optimize your cycling technique

by Vy Nhat on Jun 01, 2023

6 bước đơn giản để tối ưu hóa kỹ thuật đạp xe của bạn

Cycling technique is the most important key when cycling. Having the right technique can make your cycling more efficient and beneficial for your health. Here are 6 simple steps to optimize your cycling technique. Let's find out with ADO E-bike!

Set up for your power bike
Setting up and calibrating the bike that suits you best will help you have a great and better ride. When you set the bike in the right direction, the muscles in your body will work much more effectively. A professional athlete can't even deal with a left-right imbalance if they don't align the bike.
Cycling to the beat
Cycling to the beat is the rhythmic coordination of fast and slow pedaling movements depending on the terrain. Professional cyclists will have beautiful, smooth, easy rhythmic cycling techniques that are still extremely soft.
You can improve your cycling technique by practicing with a plan, when starting out, try to pedal as fast as you can and then hold this speed for 30 seconds. Do this warm-up during each training session to increase your maximum tempo and develop your cycling technique.
However, experts also advise beginner cyclists not to try to reach a speed that is too high. Keep a comfortable pedaling pace and slowly accelerate it for better results.

Image of ADO A20F power-assisted bicycles

Take a mountain bike ride to improve the balance of your legs
It's important to evenly distribute the force between your legs, and you should aim for both legs to work together. The distribution of force on the pedal stroke has a huge impact on the efficiency of increasing cycling power and speed.
Practice has shown that mountain bikers have an even force balance because they need to use energy all the way through to maintain technique when cycling on this difficult terrain.

Image of ADO A20 Lite power-assisted bicycle

Exercise each leg
The balance force between the legs is extremely important in the process of training, so there are many exercises to be able to train both legs to produce equal strength and endurance. These exercises will force each side to work individually instead of working in conjunction with another movement. You don't need to try to balance both left and right sides at first, just start by focusing on one side then the other and then alternate. Once you get the hang of it, you can focus on both left and right at the same time.
Cycle in a semi-circle motion
During a workout, cyclists should focus on pulling on the pedals instead of pushing on their pedals, by pedaling in a semicircle motion. You can focus on seamlessly alternating between two semi-circular movements of either side seamlessly over and over.
Focus on the center of the body
Once you've been able to create a stable and steady center of gravity, you'll be creating a very good cycling technique with a more effective stance. So you can do complementary exercises like Plank, Squat, etc. Keeping your center of gravity is like sitting firmly on a stool instead of sitting on an armchair.

Hopefully with the above 6 steps, you have been able to optimize your cycling skills and will have effective training sessions.