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The simplest and most detailed guide on maintenance of power-assisted bicycles

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Hướng dẫn bảo dưỡng xe đạp trợ lực đơn giản, chi tiết nhất

1. Should maintain the power-assisted bicycle every few months

According to the opinion of professional cyclists as well as the recommendations of the manufacturers. The ideal time for bicycle maintenance is every 6 months. This helps to ensure your bike stays stable, safe and durable.

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2. Bicycle maintenance instructions for each part

  • Clean car

This is the simplest way to maintain a power-assisted bicycle. The best frequency to clean the car should be done once a week, depending on the level of use of the car. Or if you go in the rainy season, this cleaning will take place more regularly. It is best to wash and dry the car after using the car in the rain. Because there is acid in rain water, if not cleaned in time, it can cause rust and oxygen on some metal parts such as steel, iron, ...

The sandy soil that sticks to the car for a long time is relatively difficult to clean. Moreover, if you cling to the rim, tire, cassette, chain, etc., it also hinders the movement of the vehicle. Causes damage when not timely maintenance anymore.

  • For the movement:

If you travel on a flat road, you should change the chain once every 4000km. The way to maintain a power bike is: After 3 times of changing the chain, change the gear 1 time.

When you travel on rough roads, difficult terrain, this number needs to be less than 3000 - 3500km. You can use a number of ways to check if the chain needs to be changed, such as using a tool or an inch ruler. This is the most accurate way to check.

Note that always try to keep the movement dry and clean. When they get wet, you should clean and dry them.

  • For tires:

You should use power-assisted bicycle tires from 5000 - 7000 km, you should change the new set of tires. When changing new tires you should pay attention to the quality of the tires. This will help you travel longer, safer and save money.

  • Saddle and seat post:

We often focus on maintaining other parts and ignore the saddle and saddle. The way to maintain the bike is: You should remove the seat post from the stand, clean it and oil it regularly. This makes your car more durable and easier to adjust the seat height, avoiding rust. Affect your aesthetics and cycling experience.

  • Vehicle brake system:

Brakes are a particularly important part of a bicycle. It helps to ensure your safety when cycling. Bicycle maintenance cannot ignore the vehicle's brake system.

The dental brake system and the efficiency of the ADO . power-assist bicycle

If your car only moves on flat roads with little brakes, it should be replaced every 3 years. If you often travel on steep, wet roads, you should change your brakes every 3 months.

3. How to maintain a power-assisted bicycle

3.1. Don't be subjective to leave the power-assisted bike outside

The way to take care of your bike is to keep it at home. Leaving it outdoors is easy to get dust on. Many times when the car is left in the sun, it can easily lead to a tire explosion. Moreover, most bicycle saddles are covered with imitation leather. When there is sunlight, this part heats up. When we use the car again, sitting on it feels very uncomfortable.

3.2. Park the vehicle in a vertical position

This job just makes sure your car doesn't tip over. Choose a very flat ground to build the car. If the car spills lightly, it will scratch the outside paint. If it is heavier, it can completely damage, distort, and dent some parts.

3.3. Repaint the car if necessary

It is very difficult to avoid the car from being scratched. Although there is a protective coating on the outside, after a few times of rubbing this film can completely peel off. At this time, only the metal part inside is easy to cause rust, a chassis. So the way to preserve the power bike is to add a new protective film by repainting the bike when necessary.

3.4. Take photos of the disassembly steps

When the operation is unfamiliar, confusion is a common occurrence. To limit the risk of installing or misplacing parts, take a photo or video of the disassembly process. After cleaning it completely, you can reinstall it based on the photo.

3.5. Fix strange noises

A beeping sound indicates a problem with the vehicle. The pile filter may have a foreign object stuck in the drive unit. If there is a clicking sound every time you brake, check your brakes or have been exposed to rain recently.

3.6. Make sure the power bike is always firm

Often we have to remove some details when cleaning and maintaining. The double-edged sword of this is that you are missing some screws and screws. Or simply tighten the bolt too loosely. In this case, when moving, you will immediately feel the looseness and vibration of the car.

Above is the guide of Bicycle Supermarket for simple and most detailed bike maintenance. Hope the above information is useful to you. Good luck with your application!

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